Friday, March 16, 2012

Reader Advice Day: What Do Your Kids Eat?


Asking the HGK Community to respond to reader questions are quickly becoming my favorite kind of blog posts.

A few days ago, I received this question from a reader, "I have recently started the LEAN program by Dr Fuhrman through my gym and have already seen results and feeling better.  But I am hitting a road block not finding recipes I and my family will enjoy.  I also have a feed 5 so I am hoping your blog helps me with this issue."

Here is my response:

I'm going to be honest with you, my kids do not eat the same way that my husband and I eat. Dr. Fuhrman did write a book specifically about feeding children, but my kids would not touch those recipes with a ten foot pole. 

I find that if I keep their food really simple, that is how I can get them to eat best. Loads of fruit-just served in it's raw natural state like banana, apple, strawberry, orange, clementine, mango, pear, kiwi, etc.; 100% whole grains like whole wheat or brown rice pastas, brown rice; any vegetable that they will eat (they are very picky when it comes to veg) like carrots, red peppers, raw spinach, romaine lettuce; and plain beans (drained and washed from a can). 

The only way I know of to get my 4 year old to eat greens is by making him a green smoothie.

I make big salads and soups for dinner and except for my 12 year old who will eat some of the soups, the little kids don't want anything to do with soups and salads! Or my vegan casseroles. I can only hope that they will grow out of this phase and learn to love the delicious food that I prepare.

They will however eat my Nutritarian/plant-strong desserts!

Please help! If you are a parent with children at home, please share your experience with feeding kids while transitioning to a Nutritarian lifestyle. 

What was it like in the beginning? Was it difficult? Has it evolved? 

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