Sunday, January 1, 2012

Plant-strong vs. Plant-perfect. Welcome to 2012.

I wasn't going to blog today but I couldn't resist.

Happy New Year!

First off, I want to say "Hello" to all of the new folks that are finding their way to HGK. We were mentioned in a big blog posting over here at Fat Free Vegan and I can't thank you enough Susan. I feel like I've just won an academy award. The pressure is on for my next film.

All kidding aside, WELCOME! I love this blog and I love everyone who participates in this very important conversation: How to achieve our best lives and our best selves by incorporating a plant-based diet free of processed oils (not fat, just oils). For those of you that have struggled with your weight or health, like I have, for your entire lives, this subject is probably near and dear to your heart too. Please be an active reader and leave your thoughts in the comments section as much as you can. It's no fun to blog without you.

Second, I'm wondering if you saw this article over at The New York Times entitled "The Fat Trap" and Debby's response over at Happy Healthy Long Life? And if you've got the time, the comments to The Fat Trap article, all over 750 of them, are quite, quite interesting. It makes you wonder whether or not we can control our weight with diet and exercise when the reality is that it is uber challenging to do it. Or not . . .

Then, Susan had to go out and blog about her own personal new year's resolution which is, simply, to be PLANT PERFECT. There you go Susan, just when I had decided that I wasn't making any New Year's resolutions that revolved around food.

But I'm so fickle. And easily swayed. And I love a good challenge. And I've got a lot of reasons this year to strive for plant perfect . . .

But there really is a big difference between plant-strong and plant-perfect. Like today for example, my  middle child's 7th birthday (Happy Birthday my New Year's Girl!). Plant-perfect means no indulging in any birthday treats today. None.

Can I commit?

I think I can.

For today, to be plant-perfect. No Dunkin' Donuts (that's what she wants . . . and I'm not at home to bake her something healthier). A green smoothie for breakfast? Soups, huge salads, sauteed greens. Beans. Ditch the nuts. Ditch the crackers, even those whole wheat ones. Lose the little indulgences here and there into SAD sweets.

One day at a time.

It's a fine line between the two, but one that means the difference between me at my best and me at something close, but no cigar.

I'm not going to be satisfied, really, until I am. My best.

Where is your head at today?

Okay, I know I've given you a lot of reading assignments today, but here's one that you should not miss: Dear 268 Pound Me: A Letter of Weight Loss Advice for the New Year by The Happy Rehab Doc.
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