Monday, January 9, 2012

Dairy Industry Obviously Threatened By Rise of Alternative Milks

A big thank you goes out to Jeff over at The Plant Eater for bringing this to our attention. It's classic!

Seems to me that the cow milk industry clearly is threatened. I learned in my marketing class in college that #1 in an industry never compares themselves to #2 in an ad, but #2,3,4 etc. compare themselves to #1. Guess this ad says A LOT about where the dairy industry is headed.

Why is the dairy industry even making this commercial? Seems our voices are being heard at some very high levels. Notice how they didn't even try to defend the health claims of the dairy council. Their best shot was that only "real" milk can come from a cow? Is there something really cool about doing drinking the mother's milk of another species? If there is, please fill me in on it.

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