Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tempeh Tamale Pie and Zesty Jicama Slaw

Why is this the third Tamale Casserole that I have made in the past two months? Perhaps I am on a quest for finding the perfect Tamale Casserole recipe? First, it was The Happy Herbivore's recipe. Next, I "Nutritarianed" it up with my own version of a Tamale Casserole. And this past week, after reading about Mama Pea's all-time favorite recipeas, and finding out that one of them to make the list was her Tempeh Tamale Pie, I was like a moth to a flame.

Except I added kale. Lots of kale. Six cups of finely chopped up kale, to be exact (I made a double recipe).
The addition of kale was awesome. Surprisingly, I couldn't taste the tempeh. But the winning change was the addition of the jicama slaw.

The recipe for "Zesty Jicama" comes from Terry Walter's Clean Start cookbook, and you can find it on the internet here. A crunchy, light, citrusy and complex slaw, you can bet I'll be making this one again. Ms. Walters is a culinary genius in my opinion (and a friend of a college roommate--what a small world this is!), and if you don't already own both of her cookbooks, you are really missing out.


Chef AJ said...

Are her cookbooks vegan or oil free?

Healthy Girl said...

The cookbooks are vegan and she uses very little oil. I just substitute broth like I always do or leave it out altogether. It's never the defining thing in a recipe, so it has never made a lick of a difference.

JL goes Vegan said...

That looks like a perfect meal! I'm slowly learning to love tempeh.

Mama Pea said...

Isn't is so funny that the selling point of a tempeh recipe is that you can't taste the tempeh? Ahh...eating for health. :) Glad you enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,
Do you have a quick, go-to salad dressing, preferably no-oil? Thanks! Marcia

Dawn said...

Wendy-- I made this the last time you posted it--I mean your "nutritarianed" version. I loved that so I am sure I would love this too. Yesterday I made Aloo Baingan. So good. I think I roasted my potatoes a bit long as some were a little crunchy but it was still delicious and something I will make again. Thanks!

The Healthy Librarian said...


This looks like a good possibility for tonight's dinner!

Forgive me if you mentioned this--and I missed it--Which one is your fave?

I'm going with Mama Peas--low-fat Soy Boy tempeh & minus the Daiya (did you use it in your recipe?)

Great idea to add the kale & double the recipe.

BTW--Just saw you featured in the CJN V is for Vegan article. My Nashville friend sent it to me! Congrats, Lady!!

PS: Pantry project is now complete

Healthy Girl said...

Healthy Librarian-
I'm happy to report that my favorite version was my own version! I am getting more confident in my own abitities as time goes on. I did not put the Daiya on top, although I'm sure it would have been very, very tasty with that addition. I didn't want to add the oil that day.

I hope you are going to post pix of your pantry!

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