Friday, September 9, 2011

Ironic Trip to the ER and a Comfort Food Dinner Afterwards

I've kinda been wanting to mention this lately, but it never really came up as a natural part of our blogging conversation: My family has been pretty darn sick with a weird and yucky virus. For weeks.

The symptoms are as follows: high fever for a week (yes, one week) followed by a rash all over your body that comes and goes for days after the fever has ended, coupled with a significant amount of coughing.

For my two littles (3 and 6), the virus came and went without much hoopla. For my 11 year old, it's been a series of calamities. First came the highest fever (104) I have ever seen in a human. But in her case, it never went away after the seven days like we said it would. Next came the chest x-rays and a diagnosis of pneumonia (a secondary infection). And finally, yesterday, to top it all off, the headache from hell.

That set off a full day ride on the emotional roller coaster called Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital Emergency Room, which, by the way, is incomprehensibly amazing at making these precarious situations as good as they can be. West Nile Virus? Meningitis?

Just checking.

She's fine. I think.

By the time we got home, we all needed a little comfort food.
The Happy Herbivore's Chickpea Tacos.

Where's the beef? Who cares. These are so darned delicious I challenge any omnivore to miss the meat. 

Get the recipe here, but make sure to leave out most of the salt in the taco seasoning part of the recipe. Ms. Nixon failed to mention that and I have a feeling my rings aren't going to fit tomorrow, or maybe for the next week.
So what was so ironic about this whole virus episode? The fact that as this virus is wreaking havoc on my kids I am reading Dr. Fuhrman's Super Immunity, that's what.

Or maybe it's not ironic at all, and it's the universe taking care of us, sending me exactly the type of message that I need to hear: pay more attention to what your kids are eating because you don't want them to get sick like this again, do you?

Could all of this sickness mostly have been avoided had my kids been eating their raw veggies everyday (which they're not)? Dr. Fuhrman says so, and he's got the science to back it up. I guess it's time to start getting more creative about the veggies.

And pushy.

How do you get your kids/spouse/self to eat raw veggies if they are resistant?


JL goes Vegan said...

Oh no! How horrible that everyone is sick. And a 104 fever? Frightful!

You seem to be dealing with it in good humor ... and good taste -- those tacos look delish! Can't believe I haven't tried them yet!

The Collage Experience said...

omg, I'm so sorry about what you have all been going through. I hope S's back to 100% soon. I send you both hugs and love!!!

Jen said...

Hey Wendy,
Wishing you and your children the speediest recoveries. Fearing for your child's, what stress you've been under. (When I read your title I thought you were going to report going off the deep end...kudos to you.)

Crudite & salads with their favorite dip or dressing. If I put hummus out without the pita, the kids will lap it up with raw veggies. Broccoli stems (no tops) are very sweet.

Maybe a curry version of the raw broccoli/caul salad served with rice and offer bowls with lots of toppings to sprinkle: coconut, cucumber, scallion, cilantro, red pepper, tomato, banana, raisins, peanuts.

Best wishes for the days ahead & catching up in school.

Ruchi Koval said...

Wendy, I had no idea the virus went viral!! Wishes from us for a super quick recovery. And those tacos sure do look awesome. When I read "comfort food" in your title I thought you were going to do a little confession about lapsing to mac 'n cheese after the trauma. Shoulda had more faith in you!

Healthy Hailey said...

Don't we all struggle with getting our families on board? You will laugh your head off at this typical mom and her typical kids:
But seriously, there is an art to inspiring them to WANT to eat healthy so they don't feel manipulated or forced. Brandi Rollins has a document on changing our children's preferences at

Megan W said...

I am so sorry for you all! I'm thinking of your daughter today. I love Susan V's chichpea noodle soup for a delicious immune boosting, comfort food, sick remedy.

JoycieB said...

Wow. So sorry to hear you and your family going through this. How amazing that you can cook at all...I think I would be a basket case. You are an inspiration!
I hope it resolves soon and completely!

Ginny said...

So sorry to hear what you've been going through and hope everyone is healthy and back to normal soon.

TejasJJain said...

Hey Wendy,
Sorry to hear about your kids not being well. It is really hard on whole family (other than physical stress.)
I wish them speedy recovery.
I am not sure if you could have totally avoided the situation by eating raw. But I have seen in my kids that severity is much less. Like my son get fever upto 105 (I do old fashion wet cloth on head and feet with ice water)
The raw diet helped us to have this kind of fever form 5 days to 2to 2 day.
They still get sick but they bounce back fast.
As far as making them eat raw, I had this on my mind as one of my friends was asking me the same….
Check this and I hope this helps.

Annaleigh Belle said...

I know unsolicited advice from the internet is rarely welcome, but consider looking at vitamin C therapy ala

I've been using megadoses of vitamin C for the past few years, and I'm never sick. I used to catch everything, but now I don't. Read through Andrew Saul's stuff and see if it's something you want to try.

Lynne said...

Wait to go for taking one more step forward on the healthy life continuum...for you and your kids!

Plamen said...

This is very bad. So sorry :(

Anonymous said...

In our house, there is no snacking. Just B,L,D & that's it. Snacking is special. So, when I started asking the kids if they wanted a 'snack' before dinner, they were excited to be able to gnosh before a meal! The snack? lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrrots, radishes, etc. with Ranch dressing (a tsp, maybe). I have tried hummus but for the majority of them, hummus=no eating anything. Ranch dressing=eating all of the veggies w/a vengance. My solution? look for a homemade version of Ranch & go w/it. btw, mine are 5,3.5,2&9mo(he doesn't participate). My 2yo used to eat NO veggie. Now, when I give him a choice of veggie, he always chooses lettuce! Awesome!

Anonymous said...


I am just starting plant based lifestyle and your tacos look amazing. I have one question though, in your picture I see the tacos with the chickpeas and there are tacos with what looks like meat. Is that just the chickpeas cumbled?

Love your site by the way.


Healthy Girl said...

Shelly-optical illusion! No meat coming out of Healthy Girl's Kitchen for a few years now! Good luck on your journey.

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