Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Real Winner: The Happy Herbivore's Mexican Cabbage

My second entree into Lindsay S. Nixon's recipes from her book The Happy Herbivore turned out spectacularly. Mexican Cabbage is the epitome of a volumetric recipe: high in volume and low in calories. But without sacrificing taste, texture or satisfaction. I absolutely LOVE this dish and know that I will be making it time and time again.

The only substitutions I made to Lindsay's original recipe were (1) doubling all of the ingredients--of course--and I'm taking most of it to a pot luck tonight, and (2) I used a Southwest spice blend that a friend gave me as a gift instead of the spices that Lindsay called for (cumin and oregano).

Lucky for us, Lindsay has posted this recipe on her blog, Happy Herbivore. Here it is:

As for Lindsay's Tamale Casserole recipe that I blogged about last week and many of you wanted the recipe for, I wasn't able to find the recipe online and I don't have permission from the author to reprint her recipe. But check back here in a few days for the Healthy Girl's Kitchen spin on Tamale Casserole. I'm so excited to try out my own version!


Jen said...

Looks great, thanks Wendy. Cabbage heads are usually too big to use all for coleslaw...nice to have something different.

stellagirl said...

Another great one, thanks Wendy!! When you say 4 oz green chilies, is that canned?

Healthy Girl said...

Yes, I assumed that Lindsay meant canned green chilis and that is what I used when I made it.

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