Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Plant-strong Pride Giveaway and Beck: Day 10-Set a Realistic Goal

Time for another exciting blogger giveaway! I'm giving away two Plant-strong pride bracelets to two lucky winners, chosen by a random number picker.

I wear my bracelet every day. It's great positive reinforcement and also an interesting conversation starter!

Here's what you have to do to enter:

Leave a comment to this post answering the following questions:

(1) Do you want a Plant-strong bracelet? Why?

(2) If you don't win one in this give-away and you have the opportunity to purchase one, would you?

(3) See below for final question.

Enjoy and good luck! Contest ends Monday, August 22, 2011 at 10 am EST. Winners will be announced shortly after contest ends.

On another note, we are on Day 10 of The Beck Diet Solution. Our task for today? Set a realistic goal.

Wow, have I lost sight of that doozey! I have been playing head games with myself again. If I eat this way then I will lose this much weight by such and such a time . . .

Sound familiar?

Well, thank the universe for Beck! I am happily brought back down to earth and reminded that those thoughts are not going to help the situation, and that I would do much better just to work in increments of 5 pounds.

So what's my goal? Lose 5 pounds. Not only that, but give it a realistic and HEALTHY time frame. Like 1 pound per week. Even 1/2 a pound per week is healthy. If you can make lasting changes that allow your body to drop 1/2 a pound per week, then it really doesn't matter how long it takes you to lose "the weight." All that really matters, when it comes down to it, are that the changes are real and lasting.

Works for me!

And now for the final giveaway question:
(3) Do you have a weight loss goal? Or are you at your happy weight?


Nancy Wolff said...

As a reminder to everyone that it's not only healthy but it's right!
Sure I would, if the price was right!
I was at a happy weight, but if I lost 10 pounds, I would be at a happier weight.

Sil said...

1. To remind mysrlf how important is to remain plant-strong. Doing this for myself and my baby boy.
2. If it;s affordable, yes
3. I'm new eating vegan. I would like to lose 15 lbs that I haven't since I had a baby a year ago.

Meridith said...

1. I like the "Plant Strong" bracelet's simplicity yet also important message. I can see how it would be a great conversation starter.

2. Yes - it would make a great gift, too!

3. I'm at a happy weight, but struggling to lose that last 5 pounds. I REALLY appreciate your 1/2 pound per week goal comment.

Jennifer said...

1. I'd love a plant strong bracelet to remind me of the importance of remaining true to my dedication to good health and wellness everyday. I think it's also a great "talking point" to get others learning about being plant strong and what it could mean to them.

2. I'd definitely be interested in purchasing a bracelet.

3. I have a long way to go: a minimum of 50 lbs to lose. And I'm banking on a plant strong lifestyle helping me to get there! (That said, like you, I'm all about breaking it into 5 or 10 pound chunks. Too overwhelming, otherwise!)

Kim said...

What a cute bracelet- I would wear it every day to remind myself I am PLANT STRONG!

Yes I would purchase one if the price was right!

My happy weight is 20 pounds lighter!

Unknown said...

1)I would love a PLANT STRONG bracelet! I have only recently discovered your blog & I love it! I've struggled with weight loss, tried everything, and have been successful in keeping the bulk of it off. However, I still have that final 10 or 15 left & I REALLY THINK going PLANT STRONG might be the answer after reading your blog!! 2) YES, I would LOVE to purchase one (if I don't win one!) Where can I get it!! Would be a great constant reminder to eat plant strong!! 3) I am not at my happy weight yet. I'm at a MORE COMFORTABLE weight, but not my happy weight. According the BMI index, etc, I should lose atleast another 10-15 lbs & continue to struggle with this. I work towards taking 1% per week off (a little over 1 lb per week). Again, I think going Vegan would really help to accomplish this & I look forward to following your blog as I continue my journey! Thanks!!

Elisa Chan said...

I am a school nurse and I am plant strong. The bracelet would be of interest to my students and they would see a health professional advocating healthy eating.

Yes, I would purchase a bracelet.

I am happier in my own skin now but would like to be at the low end of normal BMI.

Anonymous said...

1) I would love a Plant Strong Bracelet. I've been eating plant strong for 5 months now and am off my blood pressure medications!! Wearing it would remind me each day as to the benefits of eating this way and remind me why.

2) I would purchase the bracelet definitely for myself and for my coworker who is now plant strong after watching my transformation.

3) I've lost 15 pounds and AM happy at this weight, but would like to lose 3-5 more so I'd have some wiggle room.. Also to be lighter for my fall marathon, which will be the first one since being a no meat athlete.
Sue C.

Joanie White said...

I would love a plant strong bracelet because it's stylin' and sstands for something I believe in.
I would buy one if the price wasn't outrageous.
I have lost 35 pounds so far this year- I feel great and am continuing my healthy journey!

princess singular said...

I've loved that bracelet since you showed it earlier! I would wear it to remind me to stay on plan at work..I work long hours in a hospital and anybody who has ever worked at one knows that the food is less than healthy!! Temptations are everywhere!! If I don't win, I would like to purchase one if made available. My ultimate weight loss goal is to be 107 which Dr. Fuhrman says is ideal weight for my height. (everybody else is telling me it is too low but I trust him). i have 30 lbs to go and my weight loss has slowed to a crawl..........

Anonymous said...

I love this bracelet and wearing it everyday would have a much stronger impact than even reading my Beck list.

I would buy if price was reasonable.

Fuhrman says another 10, but I am feeling pretty good where I am. I think now it may be more of a body composition issue. I need to gain some muscle mass!

Jaclyn said...

1)I LOVE this bracelet and would love to win one. I would wear it every day as a reminder to myself and as a conversation starter for others.

2) I would buy one as well!

3) I'm at my goal weight but I want to stay there and I know that staying PLANT STRONG will keep me here :)

Tiffany said...

1) Wearing a plant-strong bracelet would keep me going even on tough days. It's a great reminder and would be an interesting conversation starter!
2) Yes, I would purchase one, depending on the price.
3) My goal weight is about 10 lbs. less than I am now.

Courtney said...

1 The bracelet would remind me that I am stong and can control what I eat.
2 I would buy one! I'm actually sad you can't.
3 I would like to lose 10 lbs

Nancy said...

1. I would love to wear this bracelet to remind me I can be strong in my food choices and how I feel when I eat plant strong on those challenging days.
2. Yes! I would buy one if I didn't win one.
3. I still have 70 pounds to go-one day at a time!

chickpeafreak said...

1. Yes, I'd love the plant-strong bracelet! It would be a constant reminder to choose more nutrient-dense foods over less-healthy, refined vegan options.
2. Yes, I would like to buy one, and perhaps a couple more as gifts...
3. I certainly have a weight loss goal, and that is, to lose weight! I am at my heaviest right now, and that makes me very unhappy. But Wendy, you inspire me, and I have been having the best week I've had in a long time. Had green smoothies the past three days. YUM!!

Tammy said...

1. I would love to win a bracelet because wearing it would be a daily reminder of the journey of health I have begun

2, Yes, I would like to purchase one if I don't win one.

3. I have a goal to lose 5lbs. a month with a total weight loss goal of 160lbs. I have already lost 60lbs by making healthy lifestyle changes, not weight loss, my focus so I think my goal is realistic.

Katie said...

Love the bracelet! It would be a great reminder about why I strive to make healthy choices and stay plant strong...and stay away from the vegan junk food which is a near constant temptation. Great design for the bracelet - love how simple it is. It's really cute and I would definitely be interested in buying one (or several to give away)! I don't really have a weight loss goal, more of a fitness goal to get stronger and more fit overall.

Ruth said...

1. Yes would love to have the "Plant Strong" bracelet! Positive reinforcement and proud to show off how far I've come.

2. Maybe

3. Would like to lose 10 more pounds

Amy said...

1. yes! the bracelet would be a wonderful tangible reminder of my new healthy living mantra
2. I would purchase one depending on the cost and if it could be shipped here
3. I am chipping away at 10-15 more pounds but like you, I am trying to think in smaller steps, and focusing on lifestyle changes I am making instead of being obsessed with the scale

Sue in Ohio said...

Yes, would LOVE the bracelet...mostly as a 'badge of courage' as I feel we are truly fighting a battle against so many elements.

I would be interested in purchasing several actually.

I am nearing my weight loss goal....have lost 54 pounds and probably have another 10 that could go. I lose very, very slowly and that is fine with me, as, for me, it is more about BUILDING HEALTH, than losing- (although the size 8 pants I can get into now and having to give away nearly all my clothes doesn't suck!!!).
Continue your awesome work on your blog, Wendy. As you already know, you are a personal hero of mine and key to me starting this journey. I'm forever grateful.

Yours in the good fight,
Sue in Ohio

Leah said...

1. I would love a plant-strong bracelet! It would be a terrific reminder of why I make the decisions that I do each and every day in having adopted a plant-strong lifestyle!
2. I would absolutely purchase a bracelet - my first purchase would be for my mother, who went plant-strong in solidarity with me and has dropped 36 points from her cholesterol in 6 weeks!
3. I will be at my "happy weight" not when my scale says so, but when I can put on my favorite pair of jeans and truly be happy with how I look and feel in them!

Whitney said...

1. Yes I want a Plant-strong bracelet! Why - because I love jewelry and it would be the best to have a bracelet that reflects the way I live!

2. I would purchase one if I did not win if not too expensive.

3. I do have a weight loss goal in mind and am working toward it one day at a time. My goal is to keep my new way of eating as a way of life. I am working with a counselor on my food and exercise routines.


cindyb@talkhealthytome said...

1. The bracelet sums up my nutrition philosophy in an adorable stylish fashion.

2. Yes, count me in to purchase.

3. Maintaining a plant strong, nutrient rich diet has helped me achieve a weight that I am comfortable with.

Amy said...

Hi Wendy,
Just LOVE your blog!!!
1. I would love a plant strong bracelet, it would be a reminder to make good choices throughout the day
2. Ever since seeing yours the other day i have been looking for something like it to buy, so yes I would!
3. I think my weight goal is realistic but i do get overwhelmed with the overall number. Setting smaller goals is a better idea.

Megan said...

1. I would love to have something symbolic to wear that's attractive and remind me of my goals

2. I probably would purchase one depending on the cost - especially the s&h. I just hate paying shipping! It's my quirk, I know, but amazon has spoiled me!

3. I have quite a ways to go before I'm at my happy weight (40 - 50 #), but for now I think I'd like to loose 5lbs by the end of labor day weekend. Too fast to maintain that level of loss for sure, but I've got a backpacking weekend in there that will give me a nice jump start!

Eric S. said...

1. I want a Plant Strong bracelet because I have been vegan for a while now. I was vegetarian before that, so I am going in a more plant-centric direction with my diet. I'm not afraid to make this known to anyone who asks (usually in response to "are you losing weight? how do you do it?") But if one doesn't ask, then perhaps they will notice the bracelet and ask about it.
2. I would purchase, I have many bracelets and necklaces currently, many handmade and I like to support that sort of thing.
3. I don't have a specific goal in terms of pounds, I want to make smaller clothes fit and be healthier.

babsbeau said...

(1) Do you want a Plant-strong bracelet? Why? Yes - I would love to have one. 2 reasons; of course to remind me of the change I am making in my life AND to let other folks know what I'm doing.

(2) If you don't win one in this give-away and you have the opportunity to purchase one, would you? I sure would - if it's within my budget.

(3) Do you have a weight loss goal? Or are you at your happy weight? I am in acceptance of my current weight (which is growth for me) but not happy.

I'm aiming to lose 30 pounds by next February. But also building strength this time - not just drop pounds. I am building a more efficient engine!

Heather said...

1-) I love showing off my passion for plants. I wear my 'Kale' shirt all the time, because it makes me smile and feel strong.
2-) YES, I would buy one...or two
3-) I am at my Happy Weight, and my goal is to maintain right now, which I find very difficult to do. It is more stressful to me than when I was losing a huge amount of weight.


Annaleigh Belle said...

I would love a plant strong bracelet. I've been inspired by the movie Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead and I'm trying to up my green smoothie and juice intake until my birthday 60 days from now, but it's so hard. I'd love to wear the bracelet at work so the carnivores could see it as they watch me get healthy.

I would still need to buy two, though, since both my girls are vegan -- of course they'd need their own.

Yes, I have a rough weight loss goal. I want to see where I am in 60 days, though, without a specific number goal, just a daily plant-strong goal.

Anonymous said...

I would love a plant strong bracelet and would wear it proudly!
I was going to ask you where I could buy one and would certainly purchase one or more if they were available. I need to lose approx. 50 lbs and would love to have a bracelet for a reminder of my commitment.

TRose said...

I would definitely wear the bracelet as a tangible reminder to myself that PLANT STRONG is the healthy and right way to eat.

Sure, I would buy it if it was available.

I am not at my happy weight, but I am getting closer to it every day. I recently lost 40 lbs and I do have to remind myself that I didn't put the weight on in a month and I cannot lose it in a month either.

The Aiken Family said...

1. I would wear it as a reminder to myself, and to others, of the healthy lifestyle that I have chosen for myself!
2. Yeah, if the price is right!!
3. I am at a very happy weight and eating a plant based diet allows me to eat and eat, and stay that way! :)

Pam W. said...

-Yes I want to win one! I have found that I need to visualize my goals in order to obtain them and this bracelet would help cue me for that!

-Yes I would buy one. When, where and how much? lol

-No I am not at a happy weight. I will take a tip from your blog today and look at 5# not the huge number in front of me!


Anna said...

I'm trying to get off processed food again and back to a wholefoods diet, I was doing really well for a while but slipped and next thing I knew it'd been a year and I'd still not got centred again. The bracelet would remind me constantly to stick to what I know is best as I'd see it as I reached for food!

I would like to buy one if they were reasonably priced (I'm a single mother and don't have a lot of spare cash) and if the shipping to England was realistic.

I am about 50 lbs overweight, probably a little bit more actually, so that's my main goal, I usually work to shorter term goals along the way though as it's easier!

Thanks for doing a give away!

Kelly said...

Did you see that Rip posted about your blog on Facebook on Thursday, Aug 11. I'm guessing you did! Cool Beans! Love your blog.

Healthy Girl said...

No! I did not see that. I tried to find it with no success. Can you send me a link?

Lynne said...

- Yes, I want a Plant Strong bracelet!! It would be a great conversation starter and provide many opportunities to get people thinking about food and health
- I would purchase one; see reason above!
- I don't have a weight loss goal since I am over 5 lbs below my "dream" weight (I know...WOW); my goal is to learn more and really understand how food relates to health so that my resolve to eat healthfully is rock solid and so that I can provide all the necessary information to others so that they can do the same.

Eric S. said...

By the way, love the blog, love the kitchen, love the recipes. Did I see that you gave a talk at Whole Foods? Sorry I missed that.

Donna said...

Would definitely wear this and proud of my new -- very new - way of life.

I will buy one, regardless. Just let me know where!!

I am 10 lbs away from a happy weight so hopefully with my new 'plan' I will get there.

Love you and your great blog!! Thank you.

Kim said...

1. I'd love one! It's really cute and I'd love to have it to signify my form of eating now. I'm proud of it and it would also make a good conversation starter. :)

2. Yes, I definitely would if it wasn't too expensive. I'm on a really tight budget.

3. Yes, I have lost 125 pounds and I have 100 to go....

JL goes Vegan said...

I would love one because I am plant strong (and vegan, too) :)

Yep, I would definitely buy one -- it's cute!

Nope, I tossed away the notion of a happy weight. Our bodies ebb and flow so much that chasing an arbitrary number simply drove me made. Now I focus on being health, fit, a bit bigger and a lot happier.

Trail Turtle said...

I'd love to win the bracelet. It's a good reminder when you're feeling weak!

yes, if the price is right.

Yes, I've been on a weight loss journey for since 2003 with a total loss as of today 100 pounds, but I still have 30 to go. It's been a slow process, but a successful one.

Robin said...

1. Yes, I want a bracelet! I've been a vegetarian for almost 20 years and recently went vegan. Being plant-strong is part of my identity!
2. I would absolutely buy one - I love it!
3. I don't need to lose weight, but so much of what you write and say applies to learning how to be healthy in your approach to eating. I find a lot of value in it, no matter what my weight is.

infinebalance said...

1) Do I want a bracelet -- yes, of course! Why? I just love that it so easily sums it up. All of it. And I want to show it off and be plant proud!

2) Yes, if I could I would purchase one

3) Very close to my happy weight.....I'm pretty happy right where i am.

Linda L said...

1. I'd love a Plant-Strong bracelet because it would a great daily reminder of something I'm excited about and would love to share when I'm asked, "What's that for?"
2. I'd buy one; this is the style of bracelet I love to wear.
3. I'm "getting" to a happier weight after a 21-day immersion into a plant-strong lifestyle. I'd like to get to a happier weight, but pounds are coming off the way they are supposed to without much effort other than a change in daily intake and food choices.

Kim said...

I would love a plant strong bracelet. It is a great reminder to eat a plant strong diet! When I saw it on your previous blog I thought about making my own, so I would defintely buy one. My weight loss goal is 10 pounds.

JBS said...

Seeing a Plant Strong message on my wrist would be a continual reminder of the importance of not only my health, but the health of my family as well!

I would definitely buy one!

My weight loss goal is yet to come. I have not yet been on the scale because I have a history of self-sabotaging as a punishment for not being that perfect number. I will know when I have reached my goal without getting on the scale!

Jude said...

I'd love a plant strong bracelet to wear with pride for taking great care of my body and when it evokes questions to happily help educate those that ask about it in the benefits of this way of living and about how great I feel.

Yes, I'd purchase one if the price is reasonable and buy for my kids, I'd write about it on my blog and spread the word that they are available.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a plant-strong bracelet. Wearing the bracelet would be one more way that I could share my enthusiasm for eating a plant strong diet. If I don't win this contest, I would jump at the chance to purchase a bracelet. As well as being positive reinforcement, it could be a constant reminder of the type of foods that my body needs.

I have been following your blog since January, and I have to tell you that you are an inspiration.

I am far from my goal (25 lbs down, so far), but I feel so much better and healthier now, even with more weight to lose.

Thank you so much!

Angela said...

I loved the bracelet the first time I saw it on you and thought about having one made just like it.

Yes, I would buy one.

Still about 20 lbs away from my happy weight but so glad it's not 60lbs like it was a year go!

jacinda beth said...

1. I would love a Plant-Strong bracelet! It would be a reminder of taking things just a bit further than just being vegan and also be a good convo starter for others who see it an ask about what that means!

2. I would love to get one of these someday. I wear bracelets a lot and like you I probably would never take this one off!

3. I have 10-15 pounds I want to get off to be my perfect weight but I'm not in a hurry to do this but know that it will be doable!

katshealthcorner said...

I would love a bracelet as a constant reminder of balance with myself -- of health -- of listening to my body. I would totally buy one of the bracelets if I ever got the chance. :) I am definitely at a healthy weight. I just want to firm up more.

Elisa said...

I'm a little late to the party... Great responses to your questions! I would be interested in purchasing the bracelet.... Keep us posted. And have a good day.

Ginger said...

I am happy with my weight. Sticking with ETL, I lost 40 lbs. in six months easily with no hunger. Cravings? Yes...but no hunger. Riding the craving waves without giving in, I built in myself a great store of self-confidence. But I didn't do all this for weight loss. I didn't even realize I was fat, because everyone around me was so huge. I did it because I was sick and am not any longer.

Colleen said...

I would love a plant strong bracelet. As soon as I saw it on your blog, I thought, "I need to get that bracelet." I am proud of the dietary (plant strong) choices that I make & want to show it.

I would buy a plant strong bracelet.

I am happy with my weight. For me, my plant strong diet is not a "diet" - it's a way of life. I am happy & healthy!

leafynotbeefy said...

1) I love the bracelet - it would be an awesome reminder to me to stay strong and not to cave in to my former way of eating (and a great way to talk about plant-strong eating with others)

2) Like everyone else, yep if affordable for me.

3) Yes, I've got a nice chunk to lose - "ideally" around 50 pounds, but I'd be very happy with even 30-40 pounds.

Love you blog! I don't comment enough, but I always enjoy reading!

Lillian said...

1] I would love the would really be a great reminder each day as to how I am trying to live my life.

2] Yes, if the price is right, especially since I liked it when I first saw it.

3] I have gained back a bit of weight and a few weeks ago, I got back into my better routine and am working my way back! This is a break through as I usually wait to gain ALL the weight back to get fed up but this time only a few pounds and I am back to it.

M said...

1. I am a teacher, and next week I go back to the Teacher's Lounge and all of the non-plant-strong temptations, so wearing this bracelet would help me stay strong in my choices.
2. Yes, I would buy such a bracelet for the aforementioned reason.
3. I have a weight-loss goal, but it is not something I stress over, since I have been losing weight slowly but steadily as I adhere to my whole-plant, no-oil eating preferences.

Thanks for the blog! It really helps to know we're in this together.

TejasJJain said...

(1)I am vegetarian so never needed reminder but I want to wear at my work so that people stop talking about $100 stake they had last night. It is really disgusting /saddening for me to hear their dinner stories.
(2)yes, if price is right
(3)My weight goal is under 110, I and currently around 122 (I started three months ago from 135)
(4)I do not stress over my weight goal though as I am happy with major progress we made as family.

April said...

I would love a reminder bracelet! (I am a very visual kind of girl) and it would be a great conversation starter. So, yes, I would buy one, if the price was right.
I struggle with being happy with my weight. I am not happy with the number I see on the scale, but happy with what I see in the mirror. (and so is my husband, so that's all that matters, right?) But I don't always eat as nutritionally as I should. So, I am a work in progress! : ) Thanks for the great blog!

v said...

1. The bracelet would be a stylish reminder to make plant strong lifestyle choices daily & also a way to spread the word about healthy living.
2. Yes, I would purchase several.
3. I'm getting closer to my goal weight every day, more importantly, eating plant strong keeps my energy up, my skin clear, and my enthusiasm soaring since cravings remain under control.
If you make & sell the bracelets, you might consider stamping HGK on the back--great way to spread the word about the valuable information your blog provides.

Ora Emmerich said...

I would like a Plant-Strong bracelet to remind myself and others of the many benefits of changing to a plant-based diet.

I would like to purchase one, if reasonably priced.

I am at a healthy weight, but would look better in clothes if I lost a bit more!

Anonymous said...

I would love to wear one, to inspire me to keep going when I run and remember how I fuel my body.
I would purchase one, if given the chance.
I am at a healthy weight, but want to keep my body strong and fit with fabulous veggies and healthy food!

Robbie said...

1. I would be proud to own and wear this braclet, it is beautiful. It would remind me that my new lifestyle of eating plant based foods and raw is going to make me strong for the rest of my life. yeah! ;)
2. Yes, I would buy one
3. I am close to my goal weight now. I have about 8 pounds to go. I have already lost 50.
I'm so glad to have found rock!

Christian Alberto Ledesma said...

1) I would love a bracelet as a daily reminder that I need to stay plant strong for my baby boy.

2) Yes, I would purchase one.

3) I am very happy at my current weight.

Lisa said...

Yes, I would enjoy a bracelet. I am a plant girl naturally but my family's more traditional taste inteferes with what I enjoy. The bracelet will be a gentle reminder to stay focused and take care of myself while I can slowly incorporate my family into the plant life.
I would like the opportunity to purchase one. The bracelet is a lovely simple design with an earthy feel to it.
Well I do have a goal. During my adult life, I have gone from 100lbs. up to 170lbs when pregnant. I am now in the middle at 130lbs. My goal is to be 115lbs.

Sue said...

Yes, I would love to have a bracelet and would pay for it If I had the opportunity- and if I don't win one. It would remind me to stick to plants and to spread the word.
I am not at my "happy" weight and have not been in several years. Eating plant strong at least some of the time has enabled me to lose about 6 pounds in the last 6 months. Would love to lose another 20 at least.
I love your recipes and they are helping-especially the recent Indian food.

Amy J. said...

(1) Do you want a Plant-strong bracelet? Why?
Yes I would like a plant strong bracelet because it looks cool to begin, but most of all I want people to ask me what it means and have the opportunity to tell them why I eat a plant based diet.

(2) If you don't win one in this give-away and you have the opportunity to purchase one, would you?
Yes I would buy one. When you first showed a picture of yours I was wondering where I could get one.
(3) Do you have a weight loss goal? Or are you at your happy weight?
I have been plant strong for 15 months now and I am at a happy weight for the most part. I would like to lose a bit more belly fat which would probably require losing about 5 more lbs.

Cathy said...

1. Yes, I'd like a plant strong bracelet because it would be a conversation starter with people I don't know and would help me spread the plant-strong message further.

2. Yes, I would buy one.

3. I'm at a very happy weight after being plant strong for almost two years, but I still have some belly fat I would like to lose

Sara said...

1) To remind myself everyday of how cool it is to be eating a plant-strong diet! :)

2)Yes, if the price were reasonable.

3) I'm working on getting to my happy weight, and trying, like you, to take that process in increments, rather than setting deadlines for myself.

Jennifer said...

1) It would be a great way to show off how proud I am of being plant-strong, and it would also be a good conversation starter!
2) Probably -- but I'm a poor student at the moment, so it would depend on price.
3) Definitely not at my happy weight. I really need to work on losing quite a few pounds. I think I'd like to lose at least 25 pounds and maybe more like 50 pounds.

Fellars Family said...

1) Sure, to remind me of all the benefits of eating plants.
2) If the price was right
3) I wouldn't mind losing 5 pounds, but I just had a baby so not too concerned

justthecook said...

Maybe I'm under the deadline wire. I am just beginning this plant strong journey...1 official week! I love your bracelet idea, and thought it would be a good visual reminder for me. I do hope you would consider selling them; I think a lot of people would invest:-)
I do want to lose some weight...but most of all, I want to be healthy. Thank you for your blog! very much enjoying it!

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