Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Busy Person's Tip: Make a Wrap Out of It

Many people find it difficult to get a healthy dinner on the table while managing work, children and children's activities. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that it's no big deal, but I will share with you from time to time some of the short cuts that work for me.

I'm a really big fan of leftovers. I almost never make a recipe without doubling it. I just don't have the time to be cooking every day, so my carefully chosen recipes need to last us a while. That's the reason that I invested in a huge, quality soup pot last year. Come to my kitchen and it looks like I'm cooking for an army.

But, I digress. This is about what to do with leftovers.

And how to make food fun again.

One simple idea? Roll it into a wrap. I have been using whole wheat lavosh as of late. Each huge wrap is 300 calories, but when you consider what is going inside of it, and that the wrap is made of 100% whole wheat, I'm okay with that.

Stuff as many greens into it as you can. Fresh spinach, spring lettuce mix, baby romaine-whatever you have on hand. Then pile on the leftovers and wrap.
Appetite for Reduction's Baked Falafel rolled up with some hummus and lettuce.
Appetite for Reduction's Wild Rice Salad with Oranges and Beets rolled up with baby spinach.

Just about any leftovers will work with this ridiculously simple technique.

Except soup.

That might be a mess.

Do you have any creative solutions for getting a healthy dinner on the table in a pinch?


theravegan said...

Yum. I, too, love leftovers. Last night I took some quinoa tabbouleh made for my book club and added cooked fresh lima beans to it. It took it in a different direction and made me feel like I was having something new. Sort of like your wraps. I often freeze leftovers for meals later too.

JL goes Vegan said...

I'm so with you on stuffing a meal in a wrap! Just drafted a post on this: I got home from a trip the other day ... "nothing to eat" in the kitchen. So not true! One vegetable, one leftover dish in the freezer, a little vegan mayo = lunch!

v said...

This week I made a huge batch of lentil mujadara. First day it was a warm side dish, next day it was mixed with brown rice for lunch on a bed of spinach, today it's being topped with tomatoes from the garden and vegan sour cream. If there's any left, I'll top it with a crumbled masala burger (frozen veggie burger from Trader Joes). I agree, Wendy, we can't cook every day but we can eat healthy every day.

Healthy Girl said...

Loving the suggestions!

Rose C said...

Also, don't forget rice paper wraps! Lower carbs than a tortilla if that is a concern and the wrap can take on an Asian/Thai flavor too!

MSilver said...

Great idea about the wrap. I'm all about making a rice bowl out if it to. I think my favorite left over is sushi. The next day, I throw it in a big bowl and crop it up, throw a little soy sauce in the bowl, and bam-sushi rice bowl. It's great!!!

valerie said...

I had an Aspargus hot dog at a food cart in LV.

It was steamed aspargus, saurkraut, mustard & relish.
It was amazing how good it tastes.
You could put that into any kind of whole grain wrap or pita & add veggies!

I also do the sushi bowl. I put rice, seaweed, frozen peas, & any greens I have around into a rice cooker- I like to use broth along with water to give it more flavour. When its ready I toss with Braggs, mirin, & some more chopped up veggies- cukes/ avocado/ carrots- anything sushi like. Add Nori & pickled ginger, sesame seeds & cilantro if I have. It takes as long as the rice cooks! Even faster if you already have some leftover rice.

chickpeafreak said...

I LOVE the sushi bowl idea! Yum!

I would also make a wrap OR top a salad with whatever is leftover. But usually for me, leftovers is called "lunch". =)~

Jen said...

I keep corn tortillas on hand (less calories than flour) and put any variety of leftover veggies & beans in enchiladas covered with salsa verde.

I always bake extra sweet potatoes (quarter length-wise & keep skin on)to make a sweet potato/black bean version .

I also stuff, roll & freeze extra enchiladas without the sauce so they are ready to go. Have found thawing with sauce already on makes them too mushy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the wrap - it is quite the meal savior.

If I am *out* of leftovers and still need something super quick, I microwave a yam or two, then quickly heat black beans with lime juice. Throw into a warm wrap with chopped lettuce leaves, tomato, avocado, &/or whatever else I have on hand.

I always have uncooked yams, black beans (spare can in emergency) and lettuce and wraps in the fridge.

The rest of the veggies will depend on what is on hand. YUM! I can have that done in under 5 minutes (using a small yam!). Now that is FAST!

Either that or something frozen gets defrosted...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wendy!... I love wraps too!.. But I read the amount of Sodium before my purchase! Some have 30 mg. And others have 130mg!...

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