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Have you ever walked around a grocery store looking for a "healthy" convenience snack that wasn't overly caloric, overly fatty, overly salty and/or overly sugary and that fulfilled your desire for something crunchy and salty or sweet? I know that I have, and I walked away from the experience empty handed. Even at Whole Foods, this magic snack does not exist as far as I can tell.

That's why I was so intrigued when my friend, Ilana Wolfson, brought me a bag of goodies on Tuesday night. It seems she has been hard at work for the past year perfecting recipes for Roasted Chick Peas in a variety of flavors that are shelf stable with excellent nutritional profiles. Really high in fiber and protein, while low in fat, chick peas may very well be the perfect food.
"Utopea, The New Chick in Town." I love that name!
Yeah! Little packages of yumminess.
My favorite flavor so far was a cluster of roasted chick peas, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds with a touch of agave. I'm hoping that Ilana will test a recipe with maple syrup real soon--you know my feelings on agave! My 6 year old and 3 year old gobbled these up, which is shocking. Can't wait to get more for them!
The most decadent was also a winner-chick peas and dried fruit held together by very good chocolate. Yum.

There are also savory flavors like Smokin' Hot, Asian Sesame and Indian which would be great thrown over a salad.

Contact Ilana directly if you would like more information on her products.

Have you found a snack food that you can feel good about?

How much do you want to try Utopea's Roasted Chick Peas?

Have you ever roasted your own chick peas? I know that it's on my to do list. What has your experience been?


Jen said...

1. Snack foods I feel pretty good about: I'm fairly satisfied most of the time with 14 raw almonds and 2 prunes. I enjoy both, they're both good for me, and I find it hard to over-indulge with either. Ditto plain, air-popped popcorn with a spritz of olive oil and a sprinkling of good sea salt.

2. Totally want to try Utopea chick peas. I sometimes get roasted chick peas at the international market near home, but rarely, as I actually like my own better (there's are too salty)

3. I roast my own chick peas all the time. I've found the best way to make them fully crunchy without burning them (my oven is tricky) is to turn the oven off when they are almost done, and leave them there for an hour. I use garam masala and just a bit of sea salt to spice mine up. Occasionally I go nuts and use taco seasoning instead. I don't just use them for snacks: they are also my substitute for crackers or croutons on soup.

Bonnie said...
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Alipet813 said...

I love to snack on almonds, but worry about eating too many. I also found some crackers at Costco that are made with flax, chia, whole grain (I can't remember much detail and I am at work right now)
I would love to try these roasted chick peas. I have never thought of roasting them. I do take a can, drain, season and "fry" in a pan for a good snack. What exactly are chickpeas like when roasted?

QZB said...

Totally salivating over these! Can't wait to try some.. :)

Dawn said...

We like to roast chickpeas. I think they taste like crunchy pizza crust.

Healthy Girl said...

Extremely crunchy and a little bit dry. That's why I liked the flavors best that had some sweetness to balance out the dryness.

Sindy said...

Cannot wait to try! Where can I get them?

Dee said...

I love roasted chick peas but I have yet to master the art of roasting them myself. Sometimes they come out too moist and chewy without that good crunch. I would love to try Utopea. I snack on raw veggies, trail mix, rice cakes and fruit. I love freezing red grapes. It is a refreshing snack in the summer.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Those look awesome!!! Where can I get some??
I HAVE found a great snack!! A good friend of mine makes gRAWnola (whole foods carries it...mostly in the Southeast).
It's so yummy!!!

Patty said...

oops...i meant to include my name with my last comment...about where can I find Utopea

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