Monday, July 25, 2011

The Beck Diet Solution, Day 3: Eat Sitting Down

Things are starting to come into focus for me now. I can see how I have been veering off of the path, both when it comes to the techniques I learned originally from Beck and also in following the Eat to Live plan.

Isn't it funny? I thought I was so on top of things, but now, as I go through this process I realize that I have completely forgotten a ton of things. Like this one: eat sitting down.

I eat standing up, while making dinner for my family. I eat sitting on my couch, so I can catch a moment to watch those reality shows that I am so addicted to. I eat driving in my car on the way to work, because how else would I be able to fit in drinking that green smoothie every morning? I eat levitating on my back . . . okay, well, you get the point.

I almost never eat sitting down. Except for lunch time on workdays. Then I sit down.

How's that working for me?

I can see that I am not even aware of all of the food that I am eating because I'm so focused on doing, doing, doing, a million other things all of the time. This has got to stop. Today. Even if it is just one bite.

Now that is serious.

I'm guessing sitting down while eating does not mean reading or using a electronic device while sitting down and eating! Beck also says that we need to set up a reminder system for this. I'm thinking of painting a blank wall in my kitchen with the words "SIT. EAT. RELAX. NOTHING ELSE."  Well, maybe I won't go that far.

Can you commit to eating sitting down?

Are you finding yourself resisting doing any of the Beck exercises or are you willingly opening up and letting the process unfold?

How will you remind yourself to do this?


Ginger said...

I've been eating to live for nearly 2 years and loving the results. But I have a tendency to eat and read or eat and write. I'll accept your challenge to eat, sit, relax, and nothing else. I think I could use a bit of a break from muli-tasking. Thank you for your nice posts. And the secret to good health is in the greens--really.

Anonymous said...

I guess reading this as I eat breakfast is not a good start! After reading through several days of the Beck program, this has been the hardest for me. I am trying to at least be very focused on what I am eating and taking my time.

Anonymous said...

Marcia wrote:
Just catching up. Feel relief already; thank you.
Advantage Response Card:
-Medical research; healthier, stronger, more energetic
-Anti-aging for both of us
-De-stresser; calm & confident at work, on stage, in balanced life
-In control; no yoyo guilt
-Sleep better
-Look sizzlin' in stylin' clothes
-Be opposite of foodie; no obsession w/food. Eat no animals. Cheaper.
-To feel just a little smug. like my tall, thin, vegan friend said to me, "They don't eat like we do."

Reminders: alarm on watch to go off at 5pm since I eat at night b/c of fatigue. Reminder in outlook.

Read ARC in morning. Take on walks and read each point, walk/meditate over it. Read after work, when I try to make a break from work into evening.

Day 2-Plans; eat whole, healthy vegan foods, lots of greens. Alternate; eat McDougall plan, which is vegan but no oils.

Day 3-I eat 2 meals at my desk (work from home). Will begin to turn away from this. Good reminder!

heather g said...

I also remember hearing that if we eat while standing, our body is ready for fight or flight which the body responds with by creating cortisol which, among other things, is a fat storing hormone. I heard that this fat is stored around the belly. I also believe Maimonides says whenever a person eats he should sit in his place or lean on his left. Please don't quote me on either of the above. Can anyone confirm or deny these ideas I've only heard of?

Susan TBA said...

Heather - for more on Maimonides and eating (tons of wisdom), check this out -

Wendy - thanks for the continued inspiration - I eat standing up while doing a million things.


Amy said...

Hi Wendy,
I am doing this along with you! Thanks for the inspiration!!
Day 1 response card:
1. I'll be healthier
2. I'll feel comfortable in my own skin: sitting, standing, walking
3. I'll look good in clothes and enjoy shopping
4. I'll feel sexy **blush**
5. I'll be a good example for my daughter
6. I'll have control and a more "normal" relationship with food
7. I'll feel more confident and won't be so self conscious
8. I'll have more energy
I set up a reminder to go off on my phone twice a day so i will remember to read my card

Day 2: Eat to live; back up is vegan weight watchers

Day 3: This is definitely an issue for me. I am constantly grabbing a bite of this or handful of that and a lot of meals happen when watching tv.

Anonymous said...

Okay -- I totally need to do this too. Listening to Beck audio book while driving too and from work.

Here's my ARC:
1. To feel awesome everyday
2. Be able to wear cute skirts that don't bunch up around my waist
3. Look good in my bikini - we are putting a pool in next summer
4. Feel confident - nothing breaks my confidence more than feeling ackward in my clothes
5. Be a good example for my kids and especially my daughter - showing them what healthy eating is and what healthy looks like
6. To stop obsessing about food

Day 2 - my 2 diets: hmmmm... ETL and Weight Watchers points

Day 3 - I guess this mean I can't eat my lunch in front my my computer.

Amy said...

I am loving these posts! Please keep it going! With 3 kids 3 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old twins, I never sit down at the table and eat. I am always using that time to watch TV, read e-mails, check facebook. I guess having dinner at the table with no tv growing up was the way to go. :) I'm looking forward to more posts!

katshealthcorner said...

I can commit! I, Kathleen, commit to eat sitting down at the table without distractions. ;) I love these posts Wendy!

Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

I definitely need to sit while eating, and not in front of the tv. I think as a mom, I'm always busy multi-tasking so much that I sometimes forget to sit to eat...going to make that change starting today. Thanks for the inspiration, Wendy!

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