Friday, July 22, 2011

The Beck Diet Solution: Day 1, Make Your Advantages Response Card

Thank you HGK readers, for your overwhelming support and comments to yesterday's post. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you follow my blog when there are thousands of blogs you could be following. I am blessed.

 But this is not easy.

I'm not referring to the exercise that Beck gives us on Day 1. I'm talking about the writing about it here and then publishing it for the world to see.

But heck, who's going to benefit from me being shy?

Day 1 is pretty simple: Write a list of all of the reasons that you want to lose weight, in order of importance to you. The obvious reasons (your health). The embarrassing, I have never shared this with anyone, reasons (oh G-d, am I really going to do this?). I say this is simple, but Beck really makes it simple in her book. She helps you make that list. It will be called your Advantages Response Card, or ARC.

Then take that list and turn it into something you can carry around with you. Maybe also post your Advantages Response Card around your house. That is, if you live alone, never have guests or are a really open person.

Set up a reminder system, because it is essential that you read this list AND really stop to think about each reason (I completely missed this second point on my first two Beck go-arounds) twice a day at regular times and also at any other time when you are really struggling with sabotaging thoughts.

I have set reminders and alarms in my cell phone to go off before lunch and dinner. My list is typed and ready to go.

This is my list. Yours will be similar. Yours will be different. Please join me and post your list here in the comments section. Anonymously if that is comfortable for you.

Here goes. I am feeling like I am going to throw up now.

1. I love the way I feel when I am thin. I feel great in my body and comfortable moving through life. I feel energetic every day.
2. I get joy shopping for fabulous, stylish clothes. I look great in the clothes and I am happy when I look in the mirror.
3. I'll have a flatter stomach and a smaller chest.
4. I am really happy when I step on the scale and I see a healthy number.
5. I am a good, healthy example for my children. I won't get diabetes or other obesity related diseases.
5. I will participate in life and won't let excess weight hold me back. Family weddings and events, reunions, parties, conventions . . . and the photographs that come along with that . . . there is almost nothing worse to me than seeing a picture of myself overweight.
5. I will be able to wear a bathing suit in public.
6. I will be able to look at myself in the mirror at the gym and feel good about what I see. I will be really physically fit and be able to participate in exercise to my best ability.
7. I feel better about myself when I resist overeating and off-plan eating.
8. I can continue to be an inspiration to others and help them to attain their health and weight loss goals.

I can't really say that these are in any order of importance. They all seem really important to me!

And you? Why is this important to you? Can you commit to reading/contemplating your list twice a day?

 A note about the program: The reality is that we will all be at a different pace with this program. Some of you will be able to actually do one step per day for six weeks, some will not and may go at this much slower. Please work this as it works in your life, but work it till the end. It may take you 4 months instead of 6 weeks, but that is not important.  I cannot even predict my own pace for working these steps. The important thing is that you complete all of the exercises (even the ones you desperately don't want to do) in order. And please keep the rest of us informed about your thoughts along the way, even if you fall behind my pace.We are doing this together.


Anonymous said...

Here goes.

To feel balanced

So i can eat more on vacation in Italy!


Good mood

Swimming suit

better fit of current and future clothing

to have more energy

to be in control of my eating

kimberly adeline said...

Thank you for doing this! You have inspired me to follow along... I will write up my cards tonight! It's been at least two years since I've opened my Beck book... And here we go! :)

JL goes Vegan said...

I applaud you! But I'm not joining in. I'm trying harder to not feel the need to be thin or flat to be comfortable in my skin and to love clothes on my rounder body. We're all at different places with our bodies, that's for sure. But I know just from reading your progress I will be inspired with your meals and your desire to find balance and happiness. Go, you!

Cheryl said...

Here's my list (I really like this idea. Put my list on a yellow card that I will carry in my purse.)
1. Avoid Heart Disease. My mother died MUCH too early from this disease.
2. Stay off statins and blood pressure medication. I was able to go off these medications earlier in the year because I was eating plant strong and I want to maintain this.
3. Be a positive example for my children
4. I FEEL better when I stay on my eating plan. I tend toward depression and this plan really helps ALOT.

Anonymous said...

But why do you want a smaller chest? :)

babsbeau said...

Here goes (not necessarily in this order):
1.Turning 50 next Feb and really, really do not want to feel old, weak and doughy
2. Want the back fat that has appeared in the last few years to go away.
3. Want to have an efficient metabolism that processes the foods I eat better.
4. Want to feel lighter in my body.
5. would like to find my waist and be able to feel good in my clothes.
6. Want feel confident enough to wear a cute swim suit in public (does not need to be 2 piece)
7. Want to be able to be strong and active well into my 80s-90s.
8. Want good health in general.

Mandy Robinson said...

1. Making the right choices = freedom. I love being free from negative thoughts like "I should have chosen something else to eat... if I had, my clothes (and skin on my body) would feel more comfortable to wear."

2. More energy = more passion for the people and things I love... my husband, my 4 kids, my family, my friends, my favorite interests, etc. I feel more alive than ever after going plant strong... and I'm 35. I can relate to the Peer Trainer's Jackie that my old way of eating made me so tired that I literally lost years of my life to being tired.

3. Healthy foods = one step closer to a greater possibility of dying in my sleep. I lost 3 out of 4 grandparents to cancer. I was an addict of cheese/dairy and headed down this path. Dr. Campbell (China Study) says a peaceful death process is possible with a plant strong diet! I believe God knows when (and how) we take our first and last breath... I embrace that I may not live to be old! However, if I do, I pray my choices in my diet will help my days be long and fully alive... not ending up sick in a bed with someone needing to take care of me.

TejasJJain said...

I created this a year ago

Why should I lose?
1. Look good and feel good?
2. Improve health numbers
3. Decrease risk of diabetes
4. I will look my age.

Why am I resisting to lose?
1. It will not make much difference
2. I will fail again
3. I will need to redo my wardrobe.
4. I do not even acknowledge that I need to lose. Only thing I acknowledge is my tummy.

princess singular said...

Just making this list made me smile.....I came up with a dozen great reasons to continue this ETL journey....(and I hope it is okay that one of the reasons included a wee bit of triumph over those who told me I could never succeed at this).

v said...

Wendy, I had the pleasure of meeting you at Whole Foods--you are a genuine inspiration, thank you! My ARC would evolve around one word, EASE, ease of movement, of being in the world, of making food choices that are energizing (that eliminates processed junk), knowing that I'm feeding myself and my family an optimal diet loaded with nutrition--as outlined by Dr.'s Furhman, Esselstyn & Barnard. Peace of mind at the end of the day is priceless.

Paint Horse Girl said...

1. I want to be able to look in the mirror!
2. Fun fitting into clothes and shopping!!
3. Change the way people think/look at me.
4. Participate in life and in pictures with my kids!
5. Feel good, be happy.
6. Dad genes, prevent a nightmare of open heart surgery and cancer 2 years later!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Julie Ann said...

After going through the list in the book and adding a few more of my own, I came up with 20 different items on my list! Is that too many?!? I even combined a few.
I'm using a reminder app on my iphone to send little reminders throughout the day of the different items on my list, in addition to reading the card at least 2x/day.

dega96 said...

Okay, here goes!
1. I love the way I feel when I am physically fit. I feel strong, confident, energetic, attractive, and comfortable in my body!
2. I need to stay fit and at a healthy weight for my personal training career.
3. When I'm at a healthy weight, I like what I see when I look in the mirror, and I look great in fabulous, stylish clothes.
4. I'll have a flatter stomach and a smaller chest.
5. I feel happy when I step on the scale and am rewarded for my hard work with a healthy number.
6. I am a good, healthy example for my children.
7. I know that I'm doing all I can to prevent diabetes and other obesity related diseases, and can live an independent life into old age.
8. I will participate in life and won't let excess weight hold me back.
9. I feel better about myself when I have a healthy relationship with food, which includes eating nutrient dense food only when I am truly hungry, and planning to go off -plan rather than have out of control emotionally driven eating.
10. I get to know myself, needs and emotions better when I don't smother them with food.
11. I notice that people respond to me in a more positive way when I am fit.

Amy said...

1. to be healthy
2. to reduce my cardiac/cancer risk
3. to feel better how I look
4. to have more energy
5. to feel better about myself
6. to be an example of health for my children

Mike said...

Thank you for being brave and for sharing, Wendy! I found all nine of your motivations easy to relate to.

After just discovering your blog, today I'm already a fan and know that it will be a great resource as I pursue losing 100 excess pounds and maintaining better health. I'm ordering Beck's book and look forward to further insights and inspiration from you as you progress through her program.

Thank you again, and best wishes to you on your journey!

bluetamarai said...

Here are my advantages... so far!

1. I'll have more energy and be more physically fit.
2. I'll be stronger and more capable.
3. I'll be a more agile and comfortable yogi.
4. I'll be a faster, more efficient runner.
5. I'll be able to wear my old clothes.
6. I'll have more energy and confidence in my love life with my husband.
7. I'll feel a sense of accomplishment.
8. I'll be in better health and feel better each day.
9. I'll be happier when I look in the mirror.
10. I'll show that it's possible to be exceptionally fit at 40+.

I said it on FB and will repeat it here: Thanks for giving me a push to start this. I've been carrying the book around in my bag for weeks and weeks!

me_again said...

1. To go back to being "me" again (friendly, outgoing, energetic, fun!)
2. To like myself in/out of clothes
3. Have fun again - w/ friends, family - not avoid gatherings
4. Like mirrors/photos taken (again)
5. Be healthy - no meds
6. Keep up w/ young people (as much as possible) as I get older :)
Dr John McDougall / Dr Neal Barnard
Pray before meals, eat at the dining table

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