Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HGK Receives Mention in Big Local Newspaper and Some Inspiration

Nothing like a little TMI to get your day started! But what did I expect putting myself out there to the universe in blog form? Quoted in Cleveland's Plain Dealer, in all my glory, talking about the realities of navigating healthy eating with children.

Thanks Ms. Theiss! XOXO

The article notes that "Solganik doesn't pressure party hosts. When she goes to gatherings, she will bring a healthy dish. That way, she said, she always knows there's an option there for her and her family."

Um . . . ah . . . some might argue with that statement! In certain social situations, specifically organizations that I am involved in, I am very vocal about requesting that healthier food be served at events. But yes, I would not pressure the host of a private party.

If you need a bit of inspiration today, you will find it in spades in this video! Thank you to my workout buddy Ruth who forwarded this to me.

If Mimi doesn't inspire you to eat Nutritarian, I don't know what will.

What did you think of Mimi? Are you inspired?


Audrey said...

Okay, that's it! Green drink every morning!! Amazing. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

Barbara said...

wow -- absolutely fantastic. I was thinking she must have just made the age cut for the over 50 category. I NEVER would have guessed 71! I'm inspired! (and happy I had that big salad for lunch ... going to make a smoothie in a couple hours for a snack and adding celery and cukes to it instead of just spinach. Thanks for the tip Mimi!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, very good video, she is very inspiring! We are what we eat, good to see it reinforced!

TejasJJain said...

Hi Wendy,
I wanted to share my story with you as your blog has made impact on my life and I wanted to acknowledge you.

I grew up on Lacto-vegetarian diet (I am a hindu and cow milk is sacred to us) diet and till 25; I was not exposed to SAD. So it is not hard for me to let go of cereal/burger/bagel etc. I actually dislike most of processed food including juice/soda etc. Staying away from home for 7 years and getting my kitchen turned me into a food addict.
I considered my diet healthy because it had no sugar, no meat, no cheese and very little dairy (milk) or potatoes.

In terms of my health and appearance, my cholesterol and other numbers are OK (borderline) and need to lose about 25 lbs.
Funny thing is that when I look around me in US, I started to believe that 25 lbs extra is no big deal.
However, when I got my Smartphone, I started read more blogs like yours and realized that even my diet is unhealthy. So I want to acknowledge you (and many other vegan-health-blogs) to this change in my life.
For starter, I am addicted to cooked food. I do not drink oil but cooking does take some oil…..
We eat a lot of veggie, but again all of it is cooked (saag paneer dish you share recently..)
When I fast, I eat very little potatoes, sautéed in oil.

So why I am on borderline and not at my ideal weight?

The only thing I can think if that is every Body processes food differently. I eat veggies whole food (with some oil), but it is still making me fat. I think by design, we all crave for carbohydrate so big portion of even whole food can be too much for some. If I eat 7 Clementine in a row, I will gain weight….

For last three weeks, I started to be on green smoothie’s diet. (I still have smaller portion of my traditional food at night to handle craving)
I did lose about 5 lbs in four week. I cannot say that I am feeling great as mostly I feel tired and crave for salty food.
But, I see change in my taste buds.
I have started to like green smoothie. I see less craving and it is satisfied with less food now.
I always used the excuse of full time work and raising two kids…but I cannot tolerate my extra weight (and possibility of what is at the end of road),
More than that, I am working on taste preference of my family. My kids do eat veggie and wheat grass etc but they LOVE their Gobhi Prataha and they beginning to like uncooked veggies as well.

Thanks for spreading information

Eating Beautiful said...
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Eating Beautiful said...

Wow - she seriously looks amazing. I just decided to eat the salad I packed for lunch instead of going out. Thanks for the inspiration.

Katie said...

Thank you, Wendy, for this inspiration! Your blog has helped me tremendously, and I'm a dedicated follower now! Thank you so much for everything. Keep the inspiration coming....

Cassie said...

I have been neglecting my daily green monster - I really need to get back to that! Wow - what a positive message to send people about vegetarianism, something Americans can really get into (appearance and youthfulness)!

Melissa said...

Aww! I love Mimi! Definitely something to strive for.

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