Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Health Washing and a Kitchen Update

Health Washing. I've mentioned it here before on HGK. It's such an important thing to wrap your head around when you are making your own health your number one priority. It's how corporations market processed food to make the public think that the food is healthy when in fact, it is quite the opposite.

"Blurring the lines between what’s healthy and what’s not only hurts consumers more as it makes the job of finding healthy foods harder and more confusing. This muddying of the waters is precisely the goal of these corporations. If it were clear to the American people what they were actually being sold, I imagine there’d be a lot less buyers. Putting their hard-earned money towards food and drink that’s ultimately harming them seems strange indeed. This is yet another example of the American Fast Food Syndrome at its best, but with a slightly different twist. This time, the corporation at hand is trying to make its processed foods appear healthier and thus appeal to Americans on two fronts: they can eat processed food, participating in what’s considered the normal American diet, while also feeling better about eating these new 'healthier' foods." Kristen Wartman, kristenwartman.wordpress.com

For me personally, the photo above is the ultimate example of health washing: a kale and sweet potato birthday cake. Why? Just because there is kale in it, doesn't mean it's good for you. This cake is full of sugar and white flour and oil. The kale doesn't negate any of that.

But health washing examples are everywhere. I saw such a glaring example the other day, that I wanted to mention in again here on ye ole blog.

I was shopping in one of those big warehouse stores (for toilet paper and stuff) where the vast majority of the food could only be considered poison. And there she was, a big box of "Healthy Helpings Natural Animal Crackers."

Really, what's healthy about these ingredients? Exactly where did those ingredients come from in nature?
Healthy, my arse! Disgusting is more like it. Shame on these companies, marketing absolute garbage as if it was health food. I'm outraged!

If you are interested in reading more about the concept of health washing and how it is done with breakfast cereal, check out this article about how Chef Curtis Stone and Post Cereals are doing it.

And now for the kitchen update.
Two pendant lights above the kitchen sink are installed.

Three pendant lights above the kitchen island are installed.

Color is on the walls . . . gray! It looks stunning.

Some of the beautiful granite counter tops are in. I say "some" because this has been the first major renovation drama! Three slabs of counter top have cracked in the cutting or the transport. Now I know why home builders refer to granite as "crack for home buyers." It really is that lovely.  Let's keep our finger's crossed that the rest arrives and is installed safely today so that the tile back splash can be done.
Sophia, my 11-year-old plant-strong kid. Proof that if given enough education and experiences with this way of eating, even a child can change!

Have you seen any outrageous examples of health washing lately?

Are you more aware of this phenomenon now that you have made your health your number one priority?


Renae said...

Absolutely love the kitchen! Would be exactly what I would have picked too! Enjoy it when it is done!

katshealthcorner said...

Ohmygosh. I can't believe they listed those Animal Crackers as healthy!!!! That is is the complete opposite!!!

MSilver said...

Great article Wendy. Marketing is a milti-billion dollar industry and if its got "toy story" on it, kids eat it. If it has the world "healthy" on it, people will eat it (and it's filled with crap). So think if it had "healthy toy story" on it... we'd all be in trouble!

Megan said...

I hope that someday I will have a kitchen as beautiful as yours! I would have never thought to put gray on the walls, but I absolutly LOVE it! Congrats! Keep bringing on the updates!

Joanie said...

This green/health washing is one of my biggest pet peeves!It's everywhere- from antioxidant "fruit" snacks to vitamin waters.
It is also rampant in cosmetics and home care products. Doesn't it drive you crazy?
I want to take things out of peoples carts and tell them- I'm saving your health- so many people are being duped.
(beautiful kitchen!)

babsbeau said...

I'm having kitchen envy.

Anonymous said...

Hey - I just saw forks over knives - what a great documentary. I wish he had spent a bit more time on explaining the 'how' to eat - b/c folks in the audience were interested in eating better - but there wasn't really any guidance. Anyway, it was great reinforcement to our new way of eating and I want to BUY it so we can re-watch when we find ourselves weakening back toward a SAD diet....

Caroline said...

Your pendant lights are gorgeous! Hmm, you're inspiring me to change from the high hats to pendants. Just have to convince my Dear Husband.

Barbara said...

great article -- looking forward to reading more about health washing. That kale cake was almost comical ...

And the kitchen. Oh. My. It's beautiful. I can't wait to see final pics. I have to admit, I'm about as green as that kale cake! But so very happy for you!

Emerald said...

can you tell me where you purchased your over the sink lights? I LOVE them...my email address is emerald0130@gmail.com...thanks :)

patty said...

I too would like to know where you purchased the lights over the sink. Love them!!

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