Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gary Taubes, Mark Bittman and The New York Times Really Have a lot to Teach Us About Food

Just a few diddies to keep your healthy eating inspiration level high . . .

For those of you who haven't caught wind on the stir that The New York Times is causing about sugar, you can catch up by reading Is Sugar Toxic? by Gary Taubes. I don't know where your head is at, but I am trying very hard to keep my sugar consumption as low as possible these days and reading articles like this one make it a lot easier for me to turn down the sweet stuff.

A few days ago I was just kicking back and I decided to see what I could find to watch on TED that might be interesting. This lecture that I found by Mark Bittman, the extraordinary food writer, also from The New York Times, moved me. There were tears in my eyes. I hope you will take the time to watch. The future depends on it.

Did you watch the video? Please chime in if you did! What emotions did you experience while watching this?


Pretty Pauline said...

I did watch the whole thing, and I loved the way he ended it with being more responsible in all choices. He raised very good points on being more aware of healthy diet and the production of our food.

We have kids with food allergies to nuts and soy and dairy and eggs and fish (and more), and while it would not be impossible, it would not be quite as easy for me to go completely vegetarian or vegan again. But I will admit that in the last month I have noticed we are not eating the volume of plants we once were and know I need to change this!

Just sharing another link~Dr. J recently wrote about the footprint of obesity, and it was a soberingly GOOD post for me to read: .

Donna said...

Even though it is from 2007, Mark Bittman is still speaking today's truth.

I know we are preaching to the choir here, but wake up America!

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