Sunday, March 20, 2011

Got the Facts on Milk? The Documentary

I can't sleep. My son fell out of his bed at 3:30 am and now I'm up. But I don't mind, I've got so much to do!

Like read e-mails, where there is usually something to get really excited about. And tonight is no exception. It seems there is a new and awesome documentary about food. This one covers milk and the dairy industry. It's titled Got the Facts on Milk and is a comical partly animated feature documentary that questions the health benefits of milk and all dairy products.

Four friends cross the Bible Belt of America on a Road Trip to examine all possible about milk, from top notch scientists and researchers to dairy farmers, hormones and train robbers, in an attempt to meet with the USDA’s Nutrition Information Center to get the facts.

As John McDougall, MD says,"This is the most hard-hitting documentary I could ever imagine attacking the dairy industry. And they deserve it all. I have seen the entire documentary and you will want to own it."

As far as I can tell, the way to see it is to purchase a pre-release copy on DVD (by making a donation on this website which I will be doing TODAY!). Here's the trailer and a clip of the movie:

What are your thoughts/opinions these days on dairy consumption? Are you sticking with it or eliminating it altogether?


Sindy said...

Sorry you were up in the middle of the night! Wow - I was shocked to see that "milk" was in so many of the products. Cannot wait to see the movie. As a vegan I try to avoid milk products altogether, but I can see I'm probably not succeeding!

Tamar said...

I shared this post on my blog, people need to be made aware.

aimee said...

can't wait to see it!

katshealthcorner said...

It's really sad what they do to cows!!! And it is so crazy how it is in everything!

When you think about it, we really aren't supposed to drink milk after we are weened. Mammals stop drinking their mother's milk once they can eat other things.

I know people that don't like it, and I know people that do like it. I personally don't drink it (lactose). If someone does drink it, I would prefer them to drink the No-Hormones/Organic kind. :)

I want to check out that documentary! :D


Kelly said...

After going vegan I found that milk just isn't necessary. I think the milk industry has a strangle hold on the school system though. Milk does a body good? Really? So antibiotics and steroids are what you want in your child's body? I find that dairy is very addictive. My husband often chooses to sleep on the couch so he can have dairy. It makes him snore.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Looking forward to seeing the movie. And, I think I'll skip the ice-cream tonight. ;)

Katie said...

Thanks for posting! That looks like a great documentary. It is amazing (and scary!) how many products have some form of milk. I've cut out all dairy from my diet but probably have it on rare occasion when I eat things others have cooked or baked. I never knew how bad dairy (and other SAD foods my body didn't know what to do with) made me feel until I eliminated it. Now I feel great!

wife2abadge said...

I don't drink a lot of milk, but if I have cereal, there isn't a substitution I've found that will replace it. I adore yogurt too (and not soy yogurt...ew). My kids looooove milk, so I still buy a lot of it. However, I always buy organic (a brand from the certified organic website) or milk from a local dairy.

Ellen said...

Eliminating it all together!!! And encouraging anyone who will listen to do the same. Can't wait to see this film.

Anonymous said...

So glad I don't eat it!

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