Thursday, March 10, 2011

GIVEAWAY! The Clean Food/Clean Start Set by Terry Walters

I have some uber-exciting news for everyone! Terry Walters, the author of Clean Food and Clean Start, has sent Healthy Girl's Kitchen a copy of both of her cookbooks for a blogger giveaway right here! I'm so totally sure that you are going to submit an entry for this giveaway after reading me go on and on for months about how much I totally LOVE Terry's  recipes.

Seriously guys. Her recipes pack all the flavor and satisfaction into healthy vegan recipes that one could ever hope for. The only changes I ever have to do to her recipes are omit the little amount of oil that Terry calls for and viola! Gourmet no-oil vegan food that is easy to make. No fuss and you're completely satisfied.

This is Terry. Isn't she gorgeous?

So here are the entry rules:

(1) Leave a comment here and answer all of the following questions (this has something to do with my last two blog postings, I promise! I'm testing a theory . . .):
  • your name
  • Sugar or Salt? your food craving preference
  • Are you now or have you ever struggled to maintain a healthy weight?  
(2) Become a fan of Healthy Girl's Kitchen on Facebook (if you haven't already)
(3) Subscribe to Healthy Girl's Kitchen by e-mail at the upper left corner of this blog (if you are not currently an e-mail subscriber). Please note that you must open the confirmation email from feedburner and click on the confirmation link provided. That confirmation e-mail will either go to your inbox OR your bulk/spam box so check both places!

All entries will be placed into a hat and one winner will be chosen at random! Winner's entry will be validated for all three contest requirements. The deadline for entries is Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 11:59 pm.


REBECCA said...

oooh first entry. ok i subscribe to your feed and i follow you on facebook. my name is rivky. i crave both sugar and salt depending. (to be fair i also crave fruits and veg) i am almost 30 and the past 2=3 years are the first time in my life that i have truly struggled with my weight. now that i have bared all publicly, i better win.

JL goes Vegan said...

-Not sure how to answer this. I never dieted until I turned 40 and then I just spent time yo-yoing between 10 lbs for a few years -- until I just decided to keep the ten pounds. High or low, both weights are considered medically healthy.

2. I subscribed!

3. I was already a fan of your FB page!

Laurie said...

1. Laurie
Yes - 47 yrs. old and overweight but I recently lost 30 lbs by following the E2 plant strong diet since October.

2. Already a fan!

3. Already subscribed.

Great blogs thanks!

Leslie R. said...

(1) Leslie

I am at a healthy weight after a few years of seriously life-changing food choices and exercise. I am still working on building some nice muscle tone and taming my food cravings :)

(2) I'm a fan!

(3) I subscribe :)

Caroline Miller said...

1. Caroline


I have been at a healthy weight for the past 5 years (Weight Watchers Lifetime member) but have struggled with my weight my whole life.

2. I'm a fan

3. I subscribe

Liana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Liana said...

1. Liana
2. Salt
3. Always struggling but have gone "Nutritarian" since Feb 1. Yay!
4. Already a fan on FB.
5. And if I was already signed up for email, I just did it again! Yay!

Anonymous said...

1: Susan
2: Sugar
3: Struggled just recently, a bit
4: already a fan, and RSS of the blog

donna said...

My name is Donna. I crave sugar in the Winter and salt in the Summer. I struggle constantly with my weight. I am already a Facebook Fan and I just subscribed to your newsletter. I love your blog-keep up the great work!

Joi said...

1. Chrissy
2, Salt
3.I have struggled for about 10 years to et to a healthy weight.
4. already a fan
5. subscribed to your newsletter.

Anonymous said...

Lucky with no problem staying at healthy weight
Already a fan
Subscribed My email is

Kate S. said...

Hi Wendy. Long time lurker, first time poster - the giveaway made me cave because I am desperately in need of new cookbooks and having trouble choosing. Hopefully I can win and avoid the decision!

My name is Kate.

I crave salt, salt, and more salt. And sugar, but not as much as salt.

Might be why as I turned 30, I found my weight creeping up above "healthy." I've lost 15 pounds since January through a better diet and lots of exercise (joined a gym for the first time). But I struggle to maintain because I've never had any food discipline in my life whatsoever. I love how your eating plan doesn't really include limiting portions (within reason, of course). It actually makes me feel good when I fill up with a huge smoothie or have a second helping of veggie soup!

I'm a fan and subscribed. Time to stop hiding in the shadows while I enjoy all your great recipes ... Thanks!

Ephany said...

Marsha and I was just on Facebook

Sugar and

fighting it every minute of every day!!

suemvi said...

mostly sugar and sometimes salt!
I have struggled with my weight since I turned 40. 18 years ago!!
already a fan and a subscriber.

Anonymous said...

1. Karen
2. Sugar
3.I have struggled with my weight for the last 16 years, when I quit smoking. I have never been more that 20lbs, but I am only 4'11" and every pound makes a big impact.

4. I am a friend on Facebook.
5. I receive emails

In October I participated in 6 week wellness challenge in the town I live in, East Hampton, NY. I was introduce to "The Engine 2 Diet and Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I have lost 10 lbs and feel great, but feel I am slipping a little. I appreciate your blog and thank you for sharing recipes, information and inspiration.
My email is

Healthy Heyday said...

1. JodyLynn
2. Salt
3. Up until two years ago I struggled with the "junk in my trunk." It wasn't until I switched my lifestyle to plant based that I kicked that "extra baggage" to the curb! :-)
4. I like you on FB
5. I subscribed. :-)

What a terrific giveaway. Been on my wishlist!
Look forward to receiving your future posts!

Anonymous said...

1. Amy
2. Sugar
3. Yes, was overweight teen, then managed to get it off with excercise. Have now discover China Study, Esselstyn, Debbie's blog and your blog. Have been plant strong for 10 months.
4. going to facebook now
5. also subscribing

Courtney said...

Both sugar AND salt...lucky me :-(
done and


Carrie said...

I liked you on Facebook! :)

Anonymous said...

Deana, sugar, yes
Just signed up for your blog & on FB. Can't wait to try out your recipes. I recently started eating to live & need to find more yummy vegan, oil & sugar free recipes :)

Ellen said...

- Used to be salt but no longer -- it's a wondrous thing!
- Have struggled since my 20's to maintain a healthy weight, especially after I quit smoking and gained 10# in on each hip! Even plant strong, will fall into emotional & mindless eating traps.
2. Am a fan on Facebook
3. Have subscribed

Suzy B said...

Definitely sugar, but I am on day 10 of eating no candy, cookies, cakes, etc.... longest I've gone since I was....oh...probably 2 years old!
I have been struggling to lose 5 - 10 lbs for awhile now.

Thanks! Just discovered your site and I like it!

Chris and Cassie said...

1) •your name: Cassie
•Sugar or Salt? Salt is my crave of choice but sometimes I crave BOTH!
•Struggling now and have been since I was 14 years old.
(2) Already a fan on Facebook!!!
(3) Already a blog subscriber!


Anonymous said...

My name is Sue.I crave sugar.I have recently started to struggle with my weight.I think it has to do with where I am in my life.I just turned 53 and have issues with belly fat.I'm so glad I found you on facebook today.I became a fan and signed up for the newsletter. What luck!

Anonymous said...

1. a) Rebecca Valencia
b) salt, however, during menses, it's sugar
c) yes weight issues for 20 yrs
2. done
3. done

have been vegetarian over 20 yrs, currently raw vegan

Lillian said...

Sugar, all the way
Yo Yo until last May (she says confidently) plant Strong since January!
already a fan and already on email list.
Love your blog!

Chris said...

I have an annoying 5# I'd like to lose......this has been the case since I had my first child, 11 years ago. I too have mostly come to peace with the fact that this 5# is not going anywhere. I think it is the media that makes me think I should be thinner. By most people's standards I am probably thin already. I am also pretty sure that if I did lose the 5#, I'd find something else I would focus on that I would want to change.

Thanks for all your hard work on this blog!

Suzie B said...



I never struggled with my weight till I had kids in my 30's It has been a huge struggle since my 2nd child was born because of having a second baby and starting out 10# heavier then the first and then learning that my second child had a genetic disorder which has been a stressful emotional roller coaster for the past 8 years. I started my journey to find the healthiest way to eat after he was born thinking I have to give him the best and healthiest nutrition possible. I am great at feeding my family and myself healthy, but the sugar demons haunt me and combined with the stress of raising a special needs child has left me with 20 unwanted pounds.
I love your blog and aspire to beat the sugar thing!

Anonymous said...

used to be salt, now it's sugar.
struggled with my weight since i was 12
already subscribed to rss and am fan on facebook
love you,
karen in l.a.

Anonymous said...

My name is kim and i am a salty girl!!!! Struggle with weight for last 10 yrs since i had kids.

Laura said...

Hi! Thank you for this give-a-way opportunity! My name is Laura, I have a huge sweet tooth, and I have absolutely had weight issues - I was first put on a diet around age 8. I have certainly had times where I maintained a healthy weight, but also times where it has been a painful struggle in the other extreme. I am now deeply grateful to be maintaining a healthy weight after a major weight loss. I don't have any flour, gluten or processed sugar in my diet - just natural sugars from fruit and the amazing Madjool Date, and follow a plant-based, no oil vegan diet. (done w/2 & 3! - thank you!)

Dawn said...


I'm Dawn. I'm a fan on Face Book and I subscribe. I neither crave sugar nor salt, however if given a choice of what to eat, I'll go for the salted item over a sugary one. I've struggled with weight for most of my life, however I've been doing fabulously after completing outpatient tx for an eating disorder. I dragged my feet going into tx, and I've been recommending it to everyone since I completed it. Such relief and freedom!
I love your blog. Thank you for all you do!

Anonymous said...

1. Annely
Sugar AND salt...and fruit.
Yes I lost over 35 lbs. several years ago, and it's a constant stuggle to keep it off. So far, so good.

2. Already a facebook fan.

3. Already receive your excellent emails.

katshealthcorner said...

I'm already subscribed! :D


katshealthcorner said...

1. Kathleen :D
2. Sugar!
3. Yes, when I was younger, I did struggle to maintain a healthy weight. NOW I am at my happy weight. :)

berry blurbs said...

Hi there!! I love your blog entries and thank you for all of your wisdom :*) My name is Nora and I'm already a fan of yours on FB and subscribed. I have intense cravings for mostly sugar...but only if I lapse in my fruit eating and dabble in processed. I am an all-or-nothing girl...which is why I've yo-yoed so much in my life. It's tough to be so vigilant. But if I'm not the cravings definitely take over! I've always been about 20-25 lbs. overfat. Hoping making healthier choices will solve my issues once and for all. Thanks for being a part in my journey! Best wishes!

Donna said...

3.Seriously struggle with weight issues. Highest weight was 310. Lost down to 150 three times in my life, last time was 2007. Currently 210. Have been vegan since 8/09. I lost weight best on a liquid protein supplement (medically supervised). Unfortunately, the weight does not stay off, it is very expensive, and it's not very healthy (despite their claim that it is).
4.I am already a FB fan.
5.I already get you emails.

Anonymous said...

I crave salt and sugar equally but find that sugar is what causes problems. Sugar sets off almost uncontrollable dessert/candy eating urges. Can be especially difficult to stop after Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years. I'm 62 and my weight has been good for years due to very careful eating and lots of exercise (as I said though, VERY difficult to return to normal eating habits after the holidays). I think it would be best for me to avoid sugar altogether but have never been able to do it.

sarevalo15 said...

I'm 10 lbs overweight, but my real struggle is with sweets and snacks

Anonymous said...

1. Patrice
2. Sugar most of the time, salt sometimes
3. Weight and health issues. Recently became vegan after reading Engine2 and got your blog through Rip's website. Need more recipes ideas and especially ones my kids will eat!

Allie said...

Alright - here it is! I am now following you on Facebook and have subscribed to your feed (very exciting for me, as a blogger myself).

1) My name is Allison Rushton
2) More often than not, I'm a salt gal all of the way. Have discovered I'm cane sugar-intolerant over the last year so it's been difficult to find ways to meet my sugar cravings!
3) I have always been "skinny" and often called underweight. Within the last year, I have had to cut out dairy, soy and sugar from my diet so I am constantly striving to be healthy and keep on/put on weight!

Hope this answers everything! :) I have Clean Start but am hoping to gift this to one of my friends or family members who are also going through a major transition with diet. It's such a great book, I would love to complete my set with the other one :)

Ashley said...

Ashley, I wish I could choose one, I crave both! And I have struggled to even maintain my weight since I was in highschool...I think it's one of those neverending battles I just have to come to grips with!

Anonymous said...



Struggle with fluctuating 6-7lbs. Can't seem to maintiain.

Renae said...

Renae Beegle
Salt, most definitely!
No weight problems until hit 45 or so. Love this eating though!

Stacy said...

1) Stacy

2) Sugar! My arch enemy is Cadbury Creme Eggs. I always gain 5 lbs during the months leading up to Easter from these devil eggs alone. (Its funny cause its sad, and its sad cause its true)

3) Weight has ALWAYS been in the forefront of my mind for as long as I can remember. I need to lose 30 lbs but have never been able to ditch more than a few.

4) I am working on subscribing but it is having issues...I'll keep trying

(SIDE NOTE)- I have read Dr. F Eat to Live a dozen times front to back and my mind is convinced that eating this way is really the best way possible but how do you get the mind to overpower the hand-to-mouth problem?

Sharon said...

1) Sharon
2) Sugar - favorite food is Cake!!!
3) Am currently living plant strong since the end of Jan. Lost 15 and have 40 more to go to reach lower end of healthy weight range, that's where I want to be! Healthy!!
birmantaz @

liz said...

sugar and salt, even better if they are mixed (chocolate covered pretzels...)
I don't struggle to maintain a healthy weight, I do occasionally struggle to maintain a healthy diet. And I, of course, always want to lose 5 lbs.

valerie said...

HI, I'm Valerie. I crave salt! Especially crunchy & salty. I have struggled with my weight all my life but in fall attended an E2 Immersion & have been eating plant strong since then. I have lost 37lbs & have reversed Type 2 Diabetes & High Cholesterol . I have tried several of the Clean Start recipes that you have mentioned on your blog. I am already a FB Fan. Love reading your blogs!

Alison said...

1) Alison N.
2) Neither a die hard sugar or salt person although I would lean towards a salty chip over a piece of cake. So, lets say salt by a nose.
3) Have had issues with weight when I was younger but started eating better and was at a good weight but after my daughter I struggle and am about 10 pounds over what I should be.
4) Both a FB and email subscriber.

Love your site! We have just finished reading Eat for Health and I use your site for suggestions all the time, especially for recipes. We are trying to make the switch to a plant based diet.

Britinini the Magnificent said...

1. Brittany
2. Sugar FO SHO - damn you, free Starbucks pastries yesterday!
3. I do struggle with my weight - I learned about the nutritarian diet while googling (grumpily) "Weight Watchers not working."
4. Consider yourself fanned (glad to know you're on FB!).
5. Subscribed already.

Hillary said...

1) Hillary S.
sugar depending on where I am in my cycle; salt when I am putting in a lot of running miles.
I am still working to get back to a healthier body weight but I am far better off than I was a year ago
2) I just found out about you today but I have since "liked" you on facebook
3) Just joined your newsletter

I checked out these two books from the library a couple of weeks ago. The recipes are amazing and I cannot wait to own them.

Tiffany said...

1. Tiffany
2. sugar, definitely.
3. I have struggled with my weight since high school. I went vegan a year ago and have been trying to focus on being kinder to my body, rather than feeling deprived by what I'm not eating.
4. FB and email subscriber.

Anonymous said...

2.I can not remember the last time I went a day without eating something sweet.
3.I have been struggling with 10 pounds for many years.
4.FB and email subscriber.
I borrowed Terry's book from the library last week. I love it!

treebean said...

1) Theresa
2) Definitely Salt as a food craving preference
3) Ever since my 30's (15+ years), I have struggled with my weight on and off - although there was a 3-year period in there where I was an unhealthy, malnourished weight of 140 - but that is another subject. I am currently in week four of the E2 challenge, I feel great, and will continue with the vegan diet after the challenge is over. I am very interested in finding new recipes (especially those I can made without oil). I posted your information for everyone in my E2 challenge.
4) I am a fan and I receive the e-mails. I look forward to them in fact.

Anonymous said...

1) heather l.
2) whew.. i guess it's sugar, but i can be compulsive about anything with a crunch! right now it's nuts; dangerous! i have found i am 'all or nothing' with sugar. like other posters have also found, once i abstain i lose the cravings, but there is no such thing as 'one cookie' for me.
3) have struggled in the past, mostly because of the yo-yo effect of dieting. . now i know better how to manage my weight and what i can eat, but it's always an issue.. i am compulsive with food.

Anonymous said...

1) Julia
2) SUGAR for sure!!!
3) Luckily I have never really struggled with a major weight issue. My issues are more along the lines of trying to eat as healthly and pure as I can while battling my sugar addiction.

Anonymous said...

1. Kim Fearn
2. SALT all the way! (Love chips of any type)
3. Age 42 and have struggled since I was 17 y/o and still struggle now

:O) found you on FB!

Kelly said...

1) Kelly
2) Sugar for sure - after you last two blogs and the NHERSHOES Real Food Challenge I'm really working hard to get it out of my diet.
3) Luckily I have never really had a struggle with my weight.
4) I also liked you on FB.

I look forward to your future posts.

Amy said...

Have struggled and am still struggling with my weight since I became an adult

I'm a fan

I get yor e-mails already

Anonymous said...

My name is Annette (
I am a Fan already
I have subscribed to your e-mails since Jan.
Sugar is my enemy!
I have struggled the last few years with my weight and according to Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's book "Eat Right 4 Your Type", it says I should be a vegetarian, so I started this quest at the beginning of the year and love your blog. I would love to win these books. Keep up with the great blog and recipes!

kjazinnorthernireland said...

My name is Kristen, I am a sugar addict, I won't turn down salt either. I have sustained a 25 pound weight loss for over 10 years, and would love to drop another 20. I am tired of being compulsive about food and struggle to prepare and feed myself, my kids and my husband healthy, tasty food.

I am a fan on facebook and I subscribe to your blog, love it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

1. Gillian
2. sugar and salt. Though I find it easier to completely cut out sugar which helps the cravings mostly go away. And even though I like the taste of sugar, I don't seem to get the "sugar high". I just feel yucky afterwards.
3. Yes

Just became a fan on facebook and subscribed to e-mail. :)

Allison said...

1. Allison
2. Usually sugar - now that I have been abstaining, I have had more salt cravings ( but this actually might be fat cravings).
3. YES
Now a fan on FB. Already an email subscriber!

Lorri said...

2.Most of the time salt, but if I have to much of that it starts sugar cravings.
3. I have struggled, heck fought weight battles my whole adult life.Though as I have gotten older I eat healthier food and have been a vegan for 20 years I eat to much and can go into binges of less than healthy though still vegan foods.
P.S. I love your blog and have been very thankful I have found it.

Julie said...

Hi, Wendy,
1. Julie
2. If I'm going to blow it, it would probably be with something sweet
3. Teen yrs. - could have been a few pounds lighter, but was active with sports, so not bad. Thereafter, constant struggle. Have been eating vegan for 17 months now, though until the last two weeks, I was eating processed foods. Am in the middle of Chef AJs 30 day "Unprocessed" challenge.
4. Am already a Facebook fan.
Love your honest and free style of writing - the blog is great! (love my green smoothies too!)

Sassy Gigi said...

1. Georgiana or Gigi
2. Sugar
3. I'm always had trouble but some of it is due to my PCOD and Chronic pain, etc.

agape4gigi at gmail dot com

Sassy Gigi said...

I'm already a fan on Facebook under Georgiana O.

agape4gigi at gmail dot com

Sassy Gigi said...

I'm following your blog feed via email under georgianaowens at ymail dot com.

agape4gigi at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

YES!! Weight is always an my daughter is following in my footsteps regarding making changes!!!

Terry Walters said...

Thanks to all for sharing and for your interest in CLEAN START!

My craving is definitely for salt, and yes, I'm always aware of my weight and looking to keep it under control.

For me it's not a matter of what I'm eating as is how much! When I was testing recipes for CLEAN START I would post my days work on Facebook so that my neighbors would come over and take all of the leftovers! And when I travel promoting my books, everyone always wants to share with me their local flavors – which I LOVE – but too much of a good thing is still too much!



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