Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Engine 2 Diet Super Bowl Parties: Ideas, Part 3-Healthy Girl's Kitchen Menu is Finalized, Cooking Has Begun!

Thank you for all of the amazing comments about Oprah's Vegan episode in yesterday's blog post! If you want to get even more outraged, check out Kelly Freston's (The Veganist's) suggested grocery shopping list that was published on Does anyone think that the grocery list should start with kale and end with quinoa???? WTF?

For another great perspective on "The Oprah Incident" read what Evan, The Wannabe Chef and occasional meat eater, has to say.

Many of you might be interested in the fact that the report of The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 has just been released. If you've got a few hours, read it in its entirety here. If you've got a few minutes, read Gena from Coosing Raw's thoughts on the 2010 Dietary Guidelines here. Right now I've got minutes, not hours, and I don't trust the government anyway when it comes to my health. I don't know about you guys, but whatever the government says, I'm sticking with a Plant-Strong, Nutritarian, Vegan diet. Why? Because I love it and I feel GREAT!

Why is that? Because I'm so busy getting ready for my Plant-Strong Super Bowl Party, that's why! Entertaining for me is a careful dance of precise timing and organization. I never want to be stressed out at the last minute, so I go into it with guns blazing!

I've got my menu written on a write-on/wipe-off board in my kitchen, most of the groceries in the house, and two of the six dishes that I am making already checked off the list. Here's the menu I finally settled on:

Carrot Cashew Miso Spread-it's better than butter!

Carrot Cashew Miso Spread from Clean Start by Terry Walters
Guacamame from Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz
Sweet Potato Hummus by Gena from the Choosing Raw blog
all served with a variety of cut up vegetables, "healthier" tortilla chips and Mary's Gone Crackers crackers

Debby's All-American Chili--Plant-Strong and no oils!

Main Course:
Huge Green Salad-compliments of my SIL Janet
All-American Chili by Debby from the Happy Healthy Long Life blog
served with optional toppings: crushed baked tortilla chips, scallions, vegan sour cream and Daiya cheddar cheese
and optional grains: brown rice and whole wheat pasta (365 Brand from Whole Foods is rockin' the whole wheat pasta!)

Fresh Strawberries by G-d (had to give her credit here!)
The Incredible Unnamed Dessert by Jane Esselstyn
Engine 2 Brownies by Lydia Heckendorf as published in The Engine 2 Diet
The Incredible Unnamed Dessert--a heavenly frozen date and almond concoction

Meanwhile,having nothing to do with the Super Bowl, I'm very busy making salads from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Appetite for Reduction and I couldn't be more impressed!
Green Onion-Miso Vinaigrette for the Sushi Roll Edamame Salad

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad with Grilled Tofu--it's like I've died and gone to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant!

Do you think that Healthy Veganism deserves it's own voice on The Oprah Winfrey Show? Perhaps Dr. Esselstyn, Rip Esselstyn, Dr. Furhman, and Dr. McDougall should all be guests on one show? Who am I forgetting?

Should we start some sort of petition and try to get noticed by the producers of the show?


Anonymous said...

Kelly Freston's grocery list is shameful...especially the kids section which has nothing but processed food. Oprah's show should have been called the "Eat Processed Food Diet." They need a do over for sure.

Time for me to get my game on and make some "real" food for this weekend.

Sindy said...

Holy moly - when can I come over for dinner?

katshealthcorner said...

Hehe, so that's what the Unnamed Dessert looks like. ;) Looks delicious! :)

Yes, Healthy Veganism does need its own voice. It deserves it! :)

janet said...

So happy I now know what to bring on Sunday!! I'm in:)

Rachel said...

I can't wait to try this Unnamed Dessert! I have it on my list of recipes to try! Yay! Your menu looks DELISH!

Sherry said...

I can't even imagine the total cost of that grocery list! Yes, I agree that we need all the healthy vegans/plant based protein voices to be on Oprah. Yes, the list should have started and ended with kale!

JL goes Vegan said...

You are such an activist! I LOVE it! If you get a petition going, I'll sign!

I'm liking all of the suggestions and will have to check out Isa's guacamole recipe. Yum.

Evan Thomas said...

Thanks for the link back!
I find it humorous that fake cream cheese and sour cream and coffee creamer are all under "non-dairy ESSENTIALS". Even when I ate dairy, none of that was essential in my diet. And anybody would go poor buying that whole shopping list.

Virtually Vegan Mama said...

That all looks fantastic! Getting my slow cooker veggie chili going tomorrow...bringing it to a superbowl have been sick all week no time to blog! suckie! recipes up shortly...I'm going to have to try that salad...yummy!! we should def start a petition...what a great idea =) The Oprah show was very dissapointing to say the least! I'm going to continue to follow my nutritarian food pyramid...yep..plant-strong is working for this girl and her fam! WOOHOO!

exercisefoodandbeyond said...

Your menu looks delicious, would love to try all the recipes.

Kate (What Kate is Cooking) said...

I'm really curious about that episode! I wonder if it's on Youtube?

Anonymous said...

I think the show gave the impression that they veganism is eating "faux" foods to replace meat products. It's amazing that Kathy Preston hardly talked about vegetables.And those continual jokes about how a vegan diet makes you go to the bathroom a lot... from Oprah and others!!

The Healthy Librarian said...


Your menu is AMAZING!! I feel so honored that you're including my chili! It's great topped with gaucamame.

Isa's Vietnamese Rice Salad was the very first recipe I tried in Appetite for Reduction & I was won over. It's so Glam!

It was the first dish my DIL also tried--and she was won over.

Can't wait to check out Kathy Freston's shopping list!! Reminds me of Elaine on Seinfeld: fake, fake, fake, fake!!

How's the Green Onion Miso Vinaigrette??

Enjoy your Super Bowl Party!

Mandy Robinson said...

For other guests to appear on Oprah, Pam Popper would be great. She is also featured in Forks Over Knives. She would be great to answer questions about children eating plant strong foods.

Also... wouldn't it have been so great for Oprah to have featured a family with children who enjoyed eating plant strong? Such a missed opportunity.

I am all for the petition! Let's get Rip on it.

Anonymous said...

The China Study authors should be all over TV

Melomeals: Vegan for $3.33 a Day said...

I am horrified by her shopping list. IT's all corporate BS.. bought and paid for by big agri corporations.

BTW, I am not going to be able to participate int he superbowl project.. we have had a family crisis situation and I've been out of town helping my brother and SIL.... but it looks like you have had great responses from so many people!

Anonymous said...

We have been Plant Strong Vegans since January 3, 2011. I was so excited to hear about Oprah's upcoming show. Then, I watched it. :( I was never so disapointed. They did not do Veganism justice by any means. Oprah couldn't wait to eat her meat. They did not portray enough of the health benefits or any of the research studies. Rip and his Father along with all the other Nutritarian, Plant Strong, Vegans and M.D.'s should have been consulted. Rip's recipes are so beautiful, colorful, and delicious. Last year and the first half of our lives, no one including ourselves would have ever guessed that my Husband or I would ever give up meat. We haven't looked back. Nothing about being Plant Strong has disapointed. BTW, spending more time in the bathroom has been a very healthy benefit!

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