Sunday, February 13, 2011

Curried Sweet Potato Soup

I received a great question from a reader yesterday in the comments section, "Where are the recipes for these beautiful dishes? Tried to click on the names but goes nowhere! Help me please....."

I thought that my answer might be something that all of the HGK reader's should know: I am not (usually) an original writer of plant-strong nutritarian recipes. I am an avid home cook that tests and often tweaks other author's recipes. That means that I do not have the rights to publish the recipes on my blog unless I get permission from the author.

However, if I change the recipe enough and rewrite the instructions in my own voice, I can provide a recipe. It's a fine line that we bloggers walk and I try hard to maintain my integrity here and the intellectual property of others.

What does that mean for my readers? Well, we have to break it into the following two categories:


If I change the recipe enough or get the permission of the author, I can reprint the recipe. That was the case with yesterday's posting. The recipes were all from Terry Walter's Clean Start cookbook and I didn't change anything, so I cannot reprint the recipes. I did not ask Ms. Walter's for permission to reprint her recipes. In the cases where the recipes are from The Engine 2 Diet and Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, both Rip Esselstyn and Anne Esselstyn were incredibly generous to grant me permission to republish their recipes, and you will find many of them here on HGK.

I photograph and write about dishes that are successful for me and that I am enthusiastic about. I don't bash recipes or cookbook authors here. If it's a flop for me, you'll never hear about it! With no recipe what I hope I am providing is honest recipe reviews and hopefully, inspiration. Not just inspiration to make a particular recipe but inspiration to surround yourself with delicious, nutritious, beautiful plant-strong food. And maybe that cookbook that I keep talking about starts to call your name and you purchase a copy!


This category is a lot less complicated because I will always provide a link back to the original recipe along with my photos and review. If I tweak a recipe enough, I will also publish the recipe for my tweaked version right here on the blog.

Here's a perfect example of this. Yesterday, I made a Curried Sweet Potato Soup from Melody over at I really like Melody's blog because she is a very creative chef. But, many of her recipes do not fit into my eating choice box, so I can either tweak them to fit the no-added oil vegan style or just move on. I happened to be particularly intrigued by her Curried Sweet Potato Soup (remember I said I was Indian in a past life . . .) and I was not disappointed by this vegan cup of heaven!

Melody's Curried Sweet Potato Soup. Get the recipe here.

I did tweak this recipe a little. I eliminated one of the two tbsp of coconut oil, the cilantro (just because I didn't have any), the 1-3 tbsp of Sriracha and the additional salt and pepper (it was already spicy and so flavorful I didn't think it needed it) and the sour cream or yogurt (for obvious reasons).

Both my husband and I loved it. I would be proud to serve this to guests who like spicy food, but certainly not anyone and everyone. It was thick and rich and the flavors were so very complex. I could see it served as an appetizer at a posh party in shot glasses. I pulled out a Saki cup from my pottery days for the photo above and I totally enjoyed sipping it that way. It's an incredibly satisfying soup. Thanks Melody!

Thoughts? How do you feel about my nutritarian recipe review style of blogging?

If you yourself are a food blogger, what are you personal views on this subject?


JL goes Vegan said...

I agree with you! I like to to think of if it as an unofficial food blogger code of ethics. If I make something from a book I'll link to the book, indicate the page number and then, if I modify anything I'll mention it, i.e. "I used half of the nutritional yeast and used spelt instead of wheat flour."

If I am blogging about a recipe from a fellow food blogger, I always link to the original post and only indicate my modifications, if any.

If I heavily modify a recipe I will post the entire, new recipe and give "inspired by" credit (and link) to the original blogger or food author.

If it's my own, I provide the recipe.

Melomeals: Vegan for $3.33 a Day said...

I'm glad you liked the soup!

I totally agree with the way you handle recipes.

Chris said...

I really wanted to make the carrot, cashew, miso spread you blogged about. I saw that there were no links to the recipe from your site.

I did a search on the internet and found multiple site that had posted the recipe. I am not sure that everyone out there (in the cloud) knows about intellectual property.

I did end up making it and it is my new morning spread.....delicious!

:) THANKS!!!

katshealthcorner said...

I totally agree. :)

Happy Valentine's Day! <3

roky said...

Oh your recipe of sweet potato soup is so nice. Till now i only prefer hot and sour soup but now i wil try this one.

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800 HD said...

Sweet potato soup with coconut milk is a staple in the colder months. Cream, aromatic soup has a subtle sweetness of the roasted sweet potatoes.

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