Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Engine 2 Diet Super Bowl Parties

DISCLAIMER: I am not a pro football fan, nor do I know anything about pro football. We'll, that's not entirely true--I know that Joe Namath was once a really great quarterback for the Jets, but that's another story. What I am is a chick who likes to cook, especially when friends are coming over. With that, I introduce you to this blog post.

Have you guys heard about the plant strong Super Bowl party phenomenon that is sweeping the nation right now? The Engine 2 Diet Superbowl Parties?


That's okay, 'cause I made it up. With Rip Esselstyn's approval of course!

But really friends, what are your plans for next Sunday at 6:30?

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I'm kinda obsessing about vegan/plant strong/nutritarian entertaining. So when it came time to start thinking about what my family was going to do for the biggest national holiday of the year, I was like, PLANT STRONG PARTY!!!!! Of course!

My husband was skeptical. He was like, "Wendy, you can't do that. You've gotta serve the traditional Super Bowl beef chili! What are my friends going to think?"

And I was like, "They are going to LOVE it! Just watch! They will be so excited when they find out that they won't be hating themselves for eating all that crap the next day." And sure enough, when my husband texted his friends to give them the good news, they were pumped!

And then it hit me. What if other folks from around the country were planning the same thing? What would happen if we started a new holiday tradition in America? One that doesn't contribute to our waistlines getting bigger and our bodies getting weaker? What if we had The Engine 2 Diet Superbowl Parties?

So, here's what I am asking everyone to do:

(1) Let me know right here and now in the comments section what your plans are for the Super Bowl.

(2) If you are hosting a Super Bowl party at your home or bringing food to a pot luck, please share with all of us right now what you think you are making/bringing with recipes or links if you can.

(3) Become a fan of the Engine 2 Diet on Facebook if you aren't already. After the big day, submit photos of your Engine 2 Diet Super Bowl party here. 

I'm going to be talking about it on Healthy Girl's Kitchen all week, serving up ideas for the big event. I truly hope you will join me in the fun!


JL goes Vegan said...

Well, I'm boring. It's just going to be my husband and I and I'm only watching for the commercials since The Bears won't be playing.

But I am IN for making fun, vegan "super bowl foods" on Sunday!

Kate (What Kate is Cooking) said...

My plans for the Super Bowl is to go to Costco during the game. I'm hoping that everyone will be home and the store will be empty :)

VivaciousVegan said...

I am in. I joined facebook and I am planning right now...LOL

: said...

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katshealthcorner said...

One of my favorite dishes is guacamole!!! :)

Melomeals: Vegan for $3.33 a Day said...

While I'm not having a party, I will definitely contribute some healthy dishes and recipes! What a GREAT idea!!

Wendy (Healthy Girl) said...

Thanks Melony! That means a ton coming from you!!!

Anonymous said...

goin' to a superbowl party and already sweating about what kinds of sinful foods will be there. a vegan restaurant here in L.A. (Native Foods) is offering vegan meatball subs and classes in how to make them for superbowl sunday. i don't know what's in them, but the pictures look positively appetizing.

Wendy (Healthy Girl) said...

K-I know you've got major tricks up your sleeve. Bring em some plant strong yumminess and knock their socks off!!!! xoxoxo

Dani- danielleislosingit said...

While the rest of the world watches the super bowl I will be doing something else. Hmm, pedicures anyone? But I just want you to know I am loving your suggested reading, and can't wait to check out the Engine 2. I just read the Crazy Sexy diet (loved it), and and really into Peer Trainer. Thanks for all your tips!

Michelle said...

I'm not hosting a Super Bowl party, but I am going to one. Guess's not a vegan party either. The lady that's hosting it was sweet enough to ask what she could fix for me. It's not even a bring a dish party. She is doing it all. She's calling it a "Spanish Super Bowl Party". I told her I could eat the beans if there wasn't any animal product in them, and of course salsa, and guacamole. I'm thinking I still may take something though.
I love what you are doing. Now I wish I was hosting a party. :o)

Jill in Chicago said...

I'm going to a non-vegan party. I was thinking of making kale chips (specifically Mama Pea's BBQ kale chips,) but now that I see your and Gena's posts, maybe I'll make E2 Brownies! Or Gena's dip!

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