Sunday, December 12, 2010

Anyone Need a Little Inspiration?

Making healthy choices when it comes to eating and exercise is something that I personally struggle with on a daily basis, even though I have come so far. The planning, preparation, and execution of an ultimately satisfying healthy lifestyle takes work. You've got to figure out exactly what works for you and then stick to it. And if you are serious about it, the figuring out process takes months, if not years, of your life.

Maybe you've gotten over the figuring it out phase and you know exactly what to do. Then your at the sticking with it phase. Or if you're like me, you think you've figured it out, then you realize you haven't, so your back to the figuring it out phase again. The good news for me is that I like this kind of challenge, it keeps my mind active, and I have the confidence that I will succeed. So I have been reading and rereading Eat to Live and Eat for Health and everything I can get my hands on as far as the Nutritarian diet goes. And in my quest for knowledge I happened upon the following story.

This is Emily Boller now:
Usually you see the before pictures first, right? But I wanted you to see what a beautiful person Ms. Boller is. The picture of health. She's hot, right?

This was Emily Boller before following Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live:

It's hard  to believe that is the same person. But that really is the promise and the power of the Nutritarian way of eating. To see all of the photographs and read Ms. Boller's entire account, I highly recommend clicking here. I cried. I know I'm inspired.
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