Monday, October 18, 2010

Amazing Vegan Restaurant: Inn Season Cafe

One of the really cool things for me about being "almost" vegan now is the fun that I have exploring vegan restaurants. They are few and far between here in the Midwest, but they do exist. So when my husband and I went with some friends to Detroit this past weekend for a Sufjan Stevens concert (see below if you are at all interested, it was great!), I couldn't help but to want to explore Vegan Detroit, if in fact there was one.

Lucky for me, my friend Jill grew up in Detroit and recommended a place called The Inn Season Cafe in the Royal Oak section. I was completely shocked. The food at this almost 30 year old restaurant was amazing and the menu was long. If you are ever in Detroit, go and enjoy. My friend and I split two of the specials and we couldn't even finish, there was so much amazing vegan food on each plate. I hopped on their website and even found that they sell a cookbook. Needless to say, I ordered it immediately. Can't wait to share with you what transpires!

What is your favorite healthy restaurant? Leave a comment . . . we want to know!


Randy said...

The Inn Season Cafe was excellent. Best yet.
It's not so impossible!

Sue The Caring Foodie said...

Casa Nueva in Athens, Ohio. Its a hippy joint at O.U. that is worker-owned. Everything is so fresh and delicious! I once drove 2 hours out of my way to eat there.

Wendy said...

Thanks for the tip Sue, now I really need to find a reason to visit Athens!

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