Friday, August 20, 2010

Update on the Puffed Corn Controversy

Okay, I just had to let you guys know the next chapter in the Honey Puffed Corn controversy. I was at the farmer's market on Saturday morning and I made a b-line for the Amish farm that was selling the Honey Puffed Corn. Interestingly, they had made a huge display of the product this week. Were they expecting to sell a lot of it? Nothing about the label had changed. It still said that each bag had one serving and that one serving was 25 calories.

So I went right over, excited to get my stash of this low calorie yummy crunchiness. I was like, "I'll take 10 bags please. But, oh, by the way, do you really think that this entire bag has only 25 calories? It seems like it might be mislabeled?"

To which one of the people from the farm chimed in, "Oh, yes, it is mislabeled and we have the corrected nutritional information right here."

"Can I see it please?" I responded.

And there it was, in all of it's horrific glory, the correct nutritional information. 140 calories. Not bad, huh? Well, it is when you hear the rest. Each bag has 3 servings. That's 420 calories per bag folks. NOT 25 CALORIES per bag! OMG!

"I'll take my money back," I said, "you can have these Honey Puffed Corn bags back."

Why, knowing that the bags are mislabeled are they still selling them without informing people? What do you think? Is it their responsibility to not sell any more bags until the labeling is corrected? Or at least take a pen and cross out the incorrect calorie information? Seriously, what do you think?


Marla said...

Your new super-hero name: Calorie Girl!!!! Strikes again!

Wendy said...

Ha ha Marla!

QZB said...

I think that if they're providing nutritional information, they should make sure it's correct. I understand they're probably a small operation, but it really wouldn't be that difficult to afix a little sticker correcting the information. Just my opinion...

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you so much for posting this! I've been eating this stuff all the time with a bit of curiosity but no idea it was that bad!

Wendy said...

I think this happens to everyone at some point in their eating careers!

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