Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Snack Attack! Whole Dried Strawberries

Today, after having a delicious lunch salad from the Whole Foods salad bar, I was full but craving something sweet. Hey, it happens. In the past, I would have found some treat for myself, not caring what the ingredients were or how many calories were in it. Thank you universe, now things are different!

I decided that I would give in to my snack attack, but only with something truly healthy and not too caloric. So I started to scour the Whole Foods market for something that fit the bill. And do you know what? There was almost NOTHING in the entire store that qualified. I think I looked at labels for over 30 minutes, never wavering from my plan. Everything that I could find had either non-whole wheat flour, sugar, eggs, oil, and lots and lots of calories.  Finally, I found it . . .

Whole dried strawberries. Not the freeze dried kind (although those are yummy too). These were in the bulk aisle. Really sweet and really chewy, they came in at 100 calories per ounce, which was the lowest calorie treat I could find. I almost stopped at the coconut covered dates, but even they were high in calories.  I think I have found a new staple item in the Healthy Girl arsenal!
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