Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 7 and Part II: Does Eating Fat Make You Fat and Other Eternal Life Questions

I do not believe that eating fat, per se, makes a person overweight. Just as I do not believe that eating any particular nutrient or type of food causes obesity. I'm guessing that it is the over consumption of any food that is the problem.

But there is a deeper issue here to explore, and that issue is what is the ultimate goal? Thinness for thinness sake? Does that sound shallow?  I think we need to ask ourselves two questions. First, are we trying to be thin or are we trying to be healthy? And second, why is being healthy so important?

Everyone needs to answer these questions for themselves. For me, the answers right now are this: I need to have as much energy as I can to get me through each day. I know that I can be thin, but this does not equal energetic. I also know that I want to remain as healthy as I have control over for as long as I can. I do not want to be gunking up my arteries. I want to give cancer as little a breeding ground as I can. And I'm vain too. I want to look good and wear cute stylish clothes. I want to be the strongest, most flexible yogi that I can be.

I want to challenge myself on every level, including the spiritual.  This requires a healthy body, not a thin body.  A number on a scale does not measure my health.  The way that I feel every day lets me know if I am healthy, and I need to keep reminding myself of that.

So that leaves the ultimate question.  What I am doing with this healthy body? Am I serving society, my family and myself to my best ability?  It's a hard question to answer.

coffee with soy creamer
smoothie with frozen banana, frozen spinach, dates, water, ice cubes and peppermint extract

shredded cabbage salad with craisins and crunchy noodles. carrots, cucumber, tomatoes.
whole wheat crackers with curried cashew spread

sweet potato and red onion salad

Veggie burger on whole grain bun (it was the best I could do given the restaurant circumstances) with lettuce, tomato corn salsa and b-b-q sauce
baked potato with b-b-q sauce


Lindsay said...

Since I started the Engine 2 Diet, and choosing to eat low fat vegan options a few people have asked me if I've lost any weight. To tell you the truth, I don't even own a scale. I'm too afraid to own a scale because I worry that I might REALLY start caring about how much I weigh. What you said is so true. Every day I wake up and my body already knows if it feels healthy or not. My body actually knows what I need to eat for breakfast. It's like magic. And I think if I'm eating low fat vegan meals, and maintaining a healthy level of exercise, it has to be good. And maybe I weigh 160 or maybe I weigh 155, but when I'm weighing myself I start to be obsessed more with the numbers and not with the actual needs of my body. I'm not suggesting everyoen throw out their scale, I know it can be very motivating sometimes, but I know, for me, it's better if I just try to make healthful decisions as often as possible.

Jessica said...

Day 7 report from Jessica: Lindsay - I love what you wrote. I do check the scale a lot and it never moves. Frustrating and also predictable. At least it has not gone up!

Last night (day 6) for dinner I did make a really healthy stir fry with bok choy, asparagus, carrots, mushrooms. I used the healthy stir fry method that you posted, Wendy, and it was good! I also made some broiled tofu to add to the stir fry. The rest of the gang had burgers/veggie burgers.

Day 7: breakfast was a lot of whole fruits - banana, melon balls, berries and coffee. Lunch was a big salad with arugula,spinach,pinto beans, various other veggies and some ww cous cous. Dinner tonight was an avacado/tomato/cucumber salad (chopped up small and mixed up together) on a bed of spinach, and some leftover tofu. Also had a sprouted grain tortilla warmed up. Mid day snacks were hummus with ww pita chips and a mini dark choc bar. A nice walk after dinner felt great. See you all tomorrow - and thanks for providing the accountability I feel like I need!

QZB said...

Wendy, I love when you include this kind of post, in addition to the regular fun recipes and musings. It's good to ask these questions. It's IMPORTANT to ask these questions. Sometimes it's really easy to forget that there is more going on than fitting into those jeans! It just makes for a really well rounded, fun read, which is why I turn to your blog again and again for insight and inspiration!

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