Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do You Know What is in the Restaurant Food You are Eating?

I call them "Weight Watcher Moments."

They go something like this: You have a favorite restaurant that you go to regularly, feeling really good about eating the healthy food that is on their menu.  Or maybe the restaurant doesn't have many healthy choices, but you scour the menu and make the best choice you can to spare your waistline (a la California Pizza Kitchen). Then, at some point in the near or far future, you are privy to the nutritional information from the menu items that you have been eating. You see exactly how many calories are in "that" food. And it's not pretty. And you wished you had known how high in calories that thing was before you so happily put it in your mouth. Regret.

One of my standout Weight Watcher moments came after years of choosing the "Fatoosh Salad with Chicken" at my favorite local Lebanese restaurant. It's a salad. Lots of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and well, a few toasted pita chips. And two small pieces of grilled chicken. And a dressing that isn't creamy. I totally believed this was a good choice for my health.  Then one day I rejoined Weight Watchers and I needed to log all of my food and account for it. So I did a quick online search and easily found all of the nutritional information for that favorite local Lebanese Restaurant. 


That's the number of calories in that salad that I was choosing to eat over and over again thinking I was doing myself a favor.


That's the number of minutes it would have taken me to find out before I went to the restaurant how many calories were in that salad.

So the next time you go out to eat, give it a shot. Look online and see if that restaurant posts their nutritional information. Lots and lots of restaurant nutritional information is posted on the Dottie's Weight Loss Zone website. Go ahead and ask the waitress or manager if they have it available at the restaurant.  We need to take care of ourselves, because clearly the vast majority of restaurants aren't taking care of us.


Randy said...

Great post. Are you married? Because I love you.
Anyway you should tell your readers about Healthygirl's husband's choice of the the fattoush without chicken as the "light" choice the other night. How many calories was that?

Wendy said...

Well Sir, the calorie count on the Fatoosh without chicken is 770. Far too many to be considered a "light option" if you ask me.

And the answer to your question is "yes, very happily I might add."

QZB said...

Wow. And ugh. I would have thought that was a pretty good choice, too. (Minus the chicken, of course.) Great advice, as always.

PS You guys are too cute.

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