Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can Watching TV Actually Help You Lose Weight?

If you watch the right shows it can!

Do you know who Jamie Oliver is? Chances are at this point you do, but just in case you haven't caught wind of this, I'm here to spread his gospel. 

He is a British chef who's been on the Food Network for some time.  He recognized that the situation with obesity in England was out of control.  He made a big stink about the food that was being served to children in school breakfast and lunch programs and got England's schools to switch from processed food substitutes to real, actual food.  And now he's here in America trying to do the very same thing. Bless his heart!
The show airs on Friday nights and is totally worth TiVo'ing!

Sign his petition too . . .

And if you are struggling with your weight, know that watching shows like this can actually help you to up your motivation level just by watching. They have a way of brainwashing you to want to eat healthy and exercise. If you would like to explore this furthur, search your television/internet for another British show called "You Are What You Eat." The host, Dr. Jillian McKeith, along with her staff, make it really, really easy for viewers to have a complete mind frame shift away from unhealthy, processed foods and towards healthy, real food. 

And of course, a dose of "The Biggest Loser" is very motivating.  They worked for me!


Geri said...

I am so horrified by what I see on that show! My kid goes to a private school with a really nice meal plan (it is also mandatory. We cannot send lunch in) so we're a little spoiled. When I watch Jamie Oliver I am sickened by what I see in an average school cafeteria. The kicker is that they tell me that our school spends less per pupil on food than the typical public school that serves that horrible crap! There has got to be a better way...

Wendy said...

For all of our sakes, I hope that Jamie Oliver succeeds!

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