Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Friend Liz's Strategy--Eat Healthy and Accept Your Body

The following was written by my wonderful friend and employee of 5 years, Liz. Thanks for sharing Liz!

"I am not naturally thin or a skinny bitch. Nor am I overweight. So where does that leave me?

My whole life I have been a weight that has been defined by doctors as “healthy”. I’ve never had an eating disorder and have always been active in one sport or another. I really only became aware of my weight when in college I did a bit of modeling. As a size 10/12 I was too “fat” to be a regular model and not quite fat enough for “plus-sized”. I decided the whole thing was ridiculous.

Two years ago, without really trying, I lost a bunch of weight. I started taking a medication that zapped my appetite and began training for a half marathon. I went from 180 pounds to 150 in less than 6 months (I am 6’2”). I was thin and people noticed and I thought I should have been happier than I had ever been. But I wasn’t. I was unhealthy, both physically and emotionally.

So I started cooking for myself and discovered my body loved delicious and nutritious foods. I cut back on running and began doing yoga, swimming, and weight training. Since then I have gained back about half the weight, a lot of it in muscle. I currently fluctuate between 160 and 170 pounds and I love my body (most of the time).

I think too often people have a “goal” weight that doesn’t match what god gave them. Just because I weighed 150 pounds at one time, doesn’t mean that is where my body wants to be. I eat as much healthful, nutritious food as I want and when I want a burger, I eat a burger. I work out 5-6 days a week. I don’t own a scale. Some days I look in the mirror and wish that the tops of my thighs didn’t touch. But most of the time I think I am exactly where I am supposed to be."


Kristen said...

Love this! Thank you as I seem to be in the same boat! I have started alot of circut training which has helped and now I have muscles.....I think I like my muscles better than being a size 4 or 6. And I went to the doctor for all my check ups recently and I am healthier than I have ever been.....so thanks for putting into perspective and letting us know that a size or number doesnt matter......now, if I could just get rid of the scale : )

diet buddy girls said...

We love your blog and all the fantastic info you go out of your way to share with all of us.

Thanks so much!

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the Cleveland Cupcake Company said...

Nice job, Liz and of course Wendy!

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