Monday, February 1, 2010

Sugar Monster, I Will Destroy You

Okay, as I was just going on yesterday about how I kicked the Sugar Monster's butt, he reared his ugly head again last night.  It was at my daughter's 5th birthday party and of course we had the compulsory birthday concoction.  Which for Maya is a big fudgey brownie with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  And as I am a diligent member of Weight Watchers with points allotted every week for "splurges" sans the guilt, I partook.  Not the nasty part.

The party was a great success.  According to Maya it was the best birthday party ever! Yeah!  For me, it was a reminder of a few very valuable lessons:

Do not bring sugary baked goods into my house, period.  Throw it away if it gets in.  During the wind-down period after the party, I was drawn like a bug to a light to the tupperware that held the precious suggary leftovers.  I ate more.  Not a ton, but the reality is, I'm not proud.  You know your own trigger foods.  Get rid of them, don't let them into your home again.  It was amazing how once I ate the brownie, I needed another fix shortly after.  Couldn't get it out of my brain.  Just like a drug. Save your splurges for outside of your home.

If I slip up or make a mistake, say to myself, "Oh well" and MOVE ON.  It really can be that simple.  I don't need to use my slip up as an excuse to eat more of the garbage tomorrow. It doesn't need to turn into an all out bender.  I can just move on and go right back to my healthy way of eating.  And I have full confidence that I can do that.

Because that is what a thin person would do.  That's how they stay thin.  They're not perfect.  They eat highly caloric junk food from time to time.  But they don't mentally abuse themselves over it.  And they don't use it as an excuse to give up and eat whatever they want because they obviously can't control themselves.  They just move on.

The Beck Diet Solution by Dr. Judith Beck is not a book about what to eat to lose weight.  It's a book about how to think if you want to be successful at this weight loss game.  It is practically impossible for me to express what reading this book has done for me, except to say that I have retrained my brain using Dr. Beck's steps.  I don't know where I would be in this weight loss journey had I not read this book and worked the steps.  Probably back on my couch with a bowl of ice cream.


chris-anna said...

Okay, so I just got back from 4 fabulous days in South Beach. I ate some crazy caloric stuff (fried calamari, pastries, crab cakes, french fries, sliders, etc.) and I ate great, healthy foods to balance (salads, sushi, fish, etc.). We walked at least 10 miles a day and I even got in a great yoga class. I "splurged", but in moderation and balanced it with lots of activity and low-cal meals.

Sandra said...

Wendy P.,
You are my idol, yet again. I am so proud of you, impressed and inspired. Combatting my own food demons these days. So far, they are winning. Keep bloggin, keep writing, keep eating good foods, keep producing beautiful "luscious" product, keep on girl .....

Sandra Cookie

Lindsay said...

I find this blog post really inspiring for me because, as you know, I also have this really intense addiction to sweets, especially chocolate. And I really like what you said about not using a slip up as an excuse. I think that's really important, just as important as not tempting yourself. Once it gets in your mouth, it gets in your head!! Stay away!!

If you ever find a really amazing, super healthy substitute for an ice cream sundae, I would be very interested! :)

Wendy and Sophia said...

Your expression, "Once it gets in your mouth, it gets in your head!!" is soooooo right on. It's been 4 days since the brownie and I haven't had a sugar free day yet. Granted, it is less and less each day, but the reality for me is DON'T START. I know that lots of people can do sugar in moderation, I'm just not one of them.

So part of the reason that I am intrigued by the raw food movement is because raw foodies eat dessert. Often. But it's all made with incredibly high nutrient ingredients like nuts, dates, avocado, coconut in all forms, agave, cacao, unsweetened cocoa, bananas and all other fruit. I don't know whether or not I can do raw desserts in a balanced way, but I may give it a try.

I think you can absolutely make a natural, raw ice cream sundae. I will gather the information and post it.

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