Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can it really be this easy?

The other day at my favorite restaurant, Organic Energy, I was served up a plate of hummus, ezekial bread slices, carrots, celery, cucumber, apples and sprouts.  My friends and I made little sandwiches, spreading the bread with hummus and placing a slice of cucumber on top.  It was perfect!

So last night for dinner I toasted up some Ezekial bread slices, spread them with hummus, and applied a big, juicy slice of organic tomato to the top.  OMG, I didn't know healthy could be this easy.  So next time you are wondering how to get a nutritious, fast, filling dinner on the table, just grab some of the soup you have been making out of the refridgerator and serve it up with two of these sammys.  You'll be stuffed!

Ezekial Bread with Hummus and Veggies
2 sammies = 3 WW Points

2 slices Ezekial bread, toasted to your liking
3 Tbsp hummus
sliced tomato or cucumber
optional: sprouts

You know what to do!


QZB said...

What a great idea, and so easy. I focus so much on finding new recipes, I forget to keep it simple. Thanks for the reminder!

I look forward to reading your blog each day, keep up the great work!

Karen Hilsberg said...

i found this bread at trader joe's and have been making this when i feel i need a break from raw food and soups. it is very crunchy and satisfying. i also sometimes put sliced avocado on top if i don't have any tomatos.

Rachel McDaniel said...

Yum..I finally bought the bread. I am eating it with hummus and tomatoes right now. It is so good..and a great lunch idea.
As always...thank you!

Wendy said...

You are most welcome! Had it again for dinner last night after we got home from a weekend in Parsippany. It's my new go-to meal. So crunchy and yummy.

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