Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bananacado Smoothie and an Experiment

I am not a big risk taker.  But yesterday at my weekly Weight Watchers meeting I finally made the decision to give the Weight Watchers Simply Filling Plan a try.  I just might be tired of calculating and counting points for everthing that goes in my mouth.  It's a pretty big move for me, because for 9 months I have been counting Points religiously.  But, the more I become interested in raw, unprocessed food, the more appeal Simply Filling has.  I'm more than a little bit scared.  I don't trust it.  I mean I don't trust myself not to overdo it.

If you are interested in a complete list of the filling foods that you can print out, go to

This morning's smoothie was a radical departure from my normal low calorie smoothie.  The avocado and dates are not ingredients I would normally indulge in.  But the theory of Simply Filling, and coincidentally of the Raw Foods movement, is that these ingredients, although caloric, cannot put weight on a person.  According to Weight Watchers, you should not switch back and forth between their plans less than a week at a time.  So I'm committed to Simply Filling this week.  Stay tuned for the results!

Bananacado Smoothie
1 medium-large frozen banana
1/2 ripe avocado
3 dates-remove pits
3 stalks kale-remove leaves from stalks
5 ice cubes
1 cup water
1 heaping Tbsp flax meal
Put all ingredients into blender and blend.  Creamy, sweet and oh-so-filling!

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Karen Hilsberg said...

this was surprisingly good. it was a lot of points and i am still in weight loss mode, so not sure i will make it often, but it did taste great and was very filling.

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