Saturday, January 23, 2010

What the heck am I doing in the blogosphere?

I'm not a Skinny Bitch.  I'm certainly not Naturally Thin.  And thankfully, I'm also not a Hungry Girl.  But, I used to be overweight and I'm not anymore.  I'm here to share my story with anyone who feels the pain of being overweight and just doesn't know how to break the cycle.  I'm also here to share with all of the folks out there who are cooking up amazing healthy food for themselves and their families on a daily basis.

The answer is not to eat less food.  Freedom comes from eating until you feel satisified and not gaining weight.  There is incredible power in food, you just need to plug into it.


QZB said...

What a fantastic idea! You ARE nuts, but I'm glad that you are; you've helped me so much, and you're going to help a lot more people, as well. Well done!

Anonymous said...

I like your blog. You make me feel like I can do something to get this weight off of me.

Luscious Verde said...

You can! If I did it, anyone can. I was lost in the abyss for years, then I found a website called Peer Trainer.

It was through that website that I found everything that helped me finally lose the weight. I link to all of the stuff that helped me under "stuff i love". Good luck to you! And please become one of my followers!

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