Thursday, August 27, 2015

How Batch Cooking Really Has Made My Life Easier and THE Recipe for Perfect Brown Rice

I'm off to Los Angeles in a few hours to film an episode of Healthy Living with Chef AJ. I'll be posting pictures of the experience to Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to follow along there if you are interested!

But before I go, I want to talk about something that has been on my mind for a long time: batch cooking.

I don't care how much you love cooking or how much spare time and money you've got, I know that you want to make preparing healthy meals quicker, easier and cheaper!

Monday, August 24, 2015

How I Gained 50 Pounds on a "Vegan" (aka Plant Based) Diet

Okay, before you get crazy angry with me about the title of this post and think that I am doing the Plant Based movement a disservice, just hear me out.

I hope that I can save a lot of people from a whole lot of self-loathing and sadness.

In response to my last "veggies for breakfast" post, I received the following comment. Since it's a bit of the elephant in the room for me, like, ALL of the time, I want to address it once and for all.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Does Your Life Suck? Try Vegetables for Breakfast

Vegetables for breakfast (VFB).

I know, it sounded so odd at first.

Unless you aren't from the United States. It's fairly common all over the world to eat vegetables for breakfast. Just not in the United States. 

Here we eat decadent desserts for breakfast like pancakes or waffles in syrup, pastries or sugary cold cereal. VFB is totally weird.

Now, if you are at a healthy weight and you have been successful at transitioning over to a whole food plant based diet, you don't need to get all upset with me and tell me that there's NO WAY in heck you are giving up your beloved bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Because, good news . . . you don't have to!

This blog posting is for the folks out there who, try as hard as they might, are still caught in "the pleasure trap" and just can't seem to lose the weight no matter what plant based diet they do. 

Or worse.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reader Advice Day: Addicted to the Restaurant High

Do you get a thrill from eating out?

I do.

Ever wonder why?

I'm pretty sure I know.

It's that irresistible combination of fat, salt and sugar. And boy, do restaurants know how to tickle our taste buds with more of those three ingredients than most of us would ever dare to put into our food at home.

Think about it, restaurants want to stay in business. To do that they need to make you keep coming back for more, which means they are absolutely going to load up on the high calorie stuff that tastes so good (have you read The Pleasure Trap by Doug Lisle? He explains it all so simply.). It all adds up to tons of calories. Of course, not all restaurants do it, but the majority do.

People can literally become addicted to restaurant food. I'd venture to say that millions upon millions of Americans are. That's what restaurants bank on!

A few days ago, I received this e-mail from a reader:

Monday, August 17, 2015

And We're Back!

Great news folks! After a long blogging hiatus (with a few posts sprinkled here and there over the past few years), I'm back blogging and intending to be better than ever. 

I have learned so much during my "absence." 

My relationship with food is completely different. The peace around food that I craved for my entire life is finally my reality, not just something that I blogged about and wished for, but something that feels real and lasting.

And if you're still interested, I want to share that all with you.

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