Monday, July 14, 2014

Am I Orthorexic?

It's been a few weeks now since I received the following message on Facebook. I've been thinking about it daily ever since. While I thought that I could whip out a blog post response to the message, I have found that the issues are very complex, and it hasn't been so easy for me to get my thoughts "on paper." Here's the message that I received:

"I don't want to start a debate on your page but I do not agree that salt, sugar, and oil are the 'holy trinity of addictiveness.' 

If those things are addicting and trigger foods for someone then that person needs ED therapy. I don't think that shaming someone for eating those things is at all helpful , constructive, or healthy. I see nothing wrong with having something processed every once in awhile. I don't believe that a bag of chips with oil will give you heart disease, that the sugar will give you diabetes, etc. Sure it probably isn't too healthy to consume nothing but processed foods, but in moderation I think it's fine. 

I also don't think that fearing foods and putting them into categories as good or bad is healthy either. Your recent posts invoke so much fear mongering around certain foods and certain food groups. While I realize that your bio on your blog is outdated, there are a few lines that struck out at me not only when I first found your site, but even more so over the past few months. For example: 'Food and sugar are no longer the scary enemy that they once were.' 

'That does not mean that I never eat anything with meat or dairy or sugar or oil. I'm not going to let myself play that orthorexic head game.' 

These lines drew me to you because it seemed like you had a grasp on acknowledging that viewing certain foods as evil or scary is not a healthy way to think. The orthorexia part has been popping in my head after reading most of your recent posts these past few months. You've been eliminating so many foods and food groups. Fearing them, restricting them, thinking they are evil, harmful, etc. A lot of your actions, statements, and beliefs are concerning. I'm not trying to be confrontational or disrespectful. I realize that you won't agree with me, but I just felt the need to share my feelings."

Thank you dear reader, I welcome this discussion!

I am reminded of a quote by one of my favorite people, blogger and author Winnie Abramson:

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Last Night's Teleconference with Chef AJ Community Recap and How to Hear It If You Missed It

Hello! I'm all jazzed up after last night's teleconference with Chef AJ. Can I say that it was AMAZING? Not in a bragging way, because it has little to do with me. I'm just so reinspired to continue down this SOS Free, Whole Food Plant Based path, taking incredible JOY in it every day, every where I go and with every challenge that comes my way.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Easy Whole Food Plant Based Dinner that Looks Gourmet

Greens and Beans Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
over Herbed Barley with a Creamy Vegetable Sauce

I have been ridiculously lazy in the kitchen this past month. Which is totally unacceptable for someone like me (I'm kidding).

For real, it's been a great break.

But my two older kids are returning home from sleep away camp in a few days and I need to start gearing up for my old kitchen duties. I've even asked my husband for a television in the kitchen. Anything to make it more exciting to start cooking again. I figure if I can knock out pre-recorded episodes of reality television while I cook up delicious plant based meals, it just might get my butt off the couch.

Request denied.

He doesn't want more noise in the house.

I do understand that, I really do! But I don't know how else to re-motivate myself, so I just might have to veto his veto. What happens then?

Reminder: Free Teleclass Tonight and Important Instructions

Good Morning everyone!

I hope that you will be joining Chef AJ and me for tonight's free teleclass. Here are some important instructions if you plan on joining us:

The subject is Eating Whole Food Plant Based Outside of the Home. Think travel (airports, road trips, airplanes, busses), work, parties, weddings, sporting games, restaurants, friend's and family's homes, and pot lucks.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Date Change for Next Chef AJ Free Teleclass and Other Exciting Stuff

I'm sorry to do this but due to Chef AJ's jam packed travel schedule, the date of the next free teleclass with Chef AJ has been changed to Tuesday, July 8th at 9 pm EST (6 pm PST).

Our first teleclass was ah-maz-ing! We got incredible feedback on how helpful it was for the listeners to actually hear AJ talk about all that she has learned over the past, oh, thirty years or so of studying this subject. The focus of this month's teleclass will be eating SOS Free Vegan/Whole Foods Plant Based anywhere outside of your home, from restaurants to road trips to parties and friend's houses and everywhere in between.

The dial in # is
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