Monday, May 25, 2015

Are You Wondering if Ultimate Weight Loss is Right for You? Plus, A Sneak Peak into My Decluttered Closets!

You know that I could practically talk all day about how UWL has changed my life for the better, stabilizing both my blood sugar and my brain chemistry, allowing me to release 30 unwanted pounds, AND inspiring me to let go of other unwanted things in my life, but you might have more questions than I have answered here on Healthy Girl's Kitchen.

You're in luck because Chef AJ will be doing a free informational call this Wednesday,  at 8:30-10 pm Eastern time, 5:30-7 pm Pacific time.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

What the Heck is Up with this Blog and . . .

. . . Why Do I Keep Talking about Ultimate Weight Loss?

Okay, okay, I realize that I am going on and on and on about this Ultimate Weight Loss thing. And I worry that I might be boring a lot of my readers that have been with me and Healthy Girl's Kitchen for a long time (5 years!). So I thought that I might take a few minutes today to explain myself, my personal evolution, and what I feel compelled to blog about right now.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Missed the first Ultimate Weight Loss/HGK Challenge? Or Were You In andNow Ready for the Next Steps? Here's What's Coming Up.

Greetings everyone!

By now you guys know that I am a raving fan of Chef AJ and John Pierre's Ultimate Weight Loss. I'm finally finding my permanent groove with a plant based diet. But ever since the ending of the 21 Day UWL Challenge that AJ and JP so graciously allowed me to "host," I find that my resolve has been a little bit weaker than I strive for.

So, I started really thinking about that. Why am I so enthusiastic to follow a plan to a "T" for a certain period of time, only to find myself beginning to make some of the allowances after that time is over that will prevent me from ultimately being able to reach my goal weight?

Granted, these little allowances are so much different than they have been in the past. Right now, too much guacamole has me wondering what the heck I am doing, where in the past, it would have been like, "Why am I eating this birthday cake when I know that I really don't want to?" 

I know for sure that I owe all of my progress to UWL . . .

Friday, May 8, 2015

Meet Shayda, an Ultimate Weight Loss Success Story

When it comes to losing weight, staying healthy or maintaining a healthy weight, I've always been someone that found my greatest inspiration in community. That's a pretty easy thing to find when your "diet" of choice is a national weight loss chain. That's a lot harder to find when what you are striving for goes against an entire way of living for almost an entire country of over 350 million people.

Welcome to the United States in 2015. Where "food" is everywhere, at all times, for any reason. Where 99 percent of it isn't healthy for anyone.

What's a person like me to do?

Thank God for Facebook.

Seriously, I thank God for Facebook. And the Internet. We live in a very special time, and yes it has it's gray clouds, but it's also got its silver linings.

Facebook is where I met Shayda. If I still lived in Los Angeles, I have no doubt that we'd be friends in real life. But these days, I'll have to settle for virtual friendship, and ours is just beginning.

We meet most days in a small but extremely busy coffee shop called "Chef AJ and John Pierre's Ultimate Weight Loss." It's very private, and you need to be a member of the club to get in. But that's where all of my daily inspiration and connection is coming from. The other members of the group aren't serving coffee as a stimulant, they're serving love, support, commitment, inspiration and occasionally a recipe. 

But not too many recipes, and that's a good thing. Someday, I'll talk about that.

For now, I just want you to meet Shayda. You can meet her there, in the club. She's truly inspirational!

Here's her story, in her own words:

Friday, May 1, 2015

Meet Karen, an Ultimate Weight Loss Success Story

Good morning! Today I would like to introduce you to my friend Karen. When I met Karen 16 years ago in Los Angeles at our local YMCA, my husband immediately began calling her "your one true friend." That name stuck, and whenever Karen's name has come up in our home, "my one true friend" is never far behind. There was just something very deep about our soul connection from the start. Karen is a kind, spiritual, intelligent and truly special human being. 

About a year ago, Karen followed my lead when I encouraged her to contact Chef AJ about the Ultimate Weight Loss program. Here's what happened when she did!

I LOVE YOU KAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy and I met in 1999 in Los Angeles when we were pregnant with our children (who are about to turn 16!!) We became fast friends and have kept in touch even though we no longer live in the same city. I have had a lot of struggles with my weight over the years, and Wendy and I successfully attended Weight Watchers back in Y2K after our children were born and lost the weight we wanted to lose. Sadly I could not maintain my food restrictions and put the weight back on over the years.
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